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Great game. I would suggest an "Undo move" feature. I often move a character and release afterwards that it was a mistake.

thanks! Unfortunately when a unit moves, he might sustain tiles effects or can trigger enemy attack of oprtunity, so an undo is not possible.

you could just disable the feature in those cases

yes that could be possible, we might think about that in future - right now the game engine is already quite complex and it's not so easy to implement that feature. 

Ok, I understand. The game is really good anyways. quite addictive. keep up the good work!

thanks a lot! Next week we plan to start closed beta with the campaign, party managment, skills, quests and more! Would you be interested? If yes I let you know and send you the build.

Sure, why not. 

Hi there! So we released our closed beta as promised - you can get it here for win, macOS, linux:!A1RAzATC!oRvh9OPOsExIi83rpUiPYQ