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Urtuk: The Desolation

Challenging tactical turn-based RPG in an open-world dark, low fantasy world · By madsheepstudios

Admin: Post your feedback and ideas here! Sticky

A topic by madsheepstudios created Jun 15, 2018 Views: 636 Replies: 22
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Hi guys!

If you have any suggestions, issues, bug reports or just want to talk to us about Urtuk, please create a post here!


Finally got a minute to play the demo. You have really cool ideas, guys! I really enjoyed the 3rd mission and all I can say is: "give me more";)
The only thing that I find pretty annoying in the long run is the lack of health bars and no real indication of the weapon's piercing atribute (or at least I haven't found it).  I think you have something pretty solid here. 



Yes we know - many players have requested HP bars, so we enabled them by default. As for the armour pierce attribute for any weapon - you can check this in the "?" icon for any character on battlefield when hovering over him. But we might present this information more readable for player..

(4 edits)

on the top right part of the battle UI there's a button to display enemy health bars... it shows the same curved bar on top of the opposing units that you see above your own 

once selected it will stay that way, for me it was hidden by default


first of all looks like a promising game if content will be added, good job so far; long text ahead

features that I'd like to see:

  • WASD-support
  • display skills even though they are unavailable (change the opacity or w/e)
  • skills are unclear... thought aegis would be duration based not charges
  • better readable font
  • level up while in battle should have an effect, currently there seems to be no change
  • the possibility of friendly ranged fire should be displayed before firing
  • had no idea you could actually click on the info question mark -> should be clear

issues I noticed so far:

  • charging through spikes does not deal damage to that unit (unexpected -> intentional?) (edit: scavenger warlord)
  • spikes are exceptional... you can onehit enemies by pushing them into one/two spikes
  • height on the other hand is barely noticable; solid objects are ok
  • mud is barely visible when movement tiles are shown over it
  • you can push enemies uphill (I expected to stun/exhaust the unit by pushing it against the upper tile)
  • critical effects can be unfavorable, i.e. guardian/spearman will push an enemy back but this enables certain enemies to charge at you again which you might want to avoid by locking him in melee... also it might mess up your planning (e.g. you wanted to attack/push with another character) -> preferred effects would be debuffs (less speed/max health/armour/piercing/....)
  • engagement is sometimes unclear 
    • enemies will state they are engaged to one of my units even though noone is next to him anymore
    • an enemy is surround by three of my own units and none of the four states being engaged
  • enemies will sometimes try to break engagement for no apparent reason over multiple turns... best I got was ~6 hits over two turns with an enemy trying to break a 1vs1 and all characters on mostly full health
  • "if a character is pushed/bashed into an enemy, that enemy will automatically retaliate, thus triggering a free attack"... there are three issues with this:
    • it should be worded differently, e.g. "if a character is pushed/bashed into an allied unit, that ally will automatically retaliate, thus triggering a free attack"
    • I triggered this according to the floating combat text but there was no visual and no free attack of my other unit (edit: happened once, most of the times it works)
    • in theory if you pin an enemy between two characters of guardian/spearman class according to the rules they will crit and push the enemy with each hit... this should create a loop ;)
  • since terrain is so important it can be a deciding factor for the outcome of a battle. Not having control over placement can be frustrating. It's the same issue as in battle brothers. 
    • although the enemy rarely starts in engagement range and is usually slower. Kiting to a better position could be possible
    • maps can be so small that repositioning is sometimes not feasible
  • what is the point of a priest? he deals himself ~255 dmg for a mediocre buff? three casts and he kills himself with it? the concept of a buff only unit is great but why add the massive self damage? edit: now that I found his trait (40% health on any enemy death) it seems more reasonable
  • ranged units should not be able to fire at the melee unit that is currently engaging them... or if anything with vastly reduced dmg (instead of critting the tank in front of them)
  • regarding focus: the hardest part of each battle is the start whereas the end is just a cleanup which gets even easier due to massive amount of focus. -> easy fix would be let the team start with focus and scale it accordingly (imho would make sense thematically aswell)
  • AI has the same pathfinding issues as in starcraft, i.e. if the way is blocked (by their own units) they will start moving around the entire map... should move the units on the frontline or charge into a beartrap if that means saving 6+ turns running the long way around (which they never complete... they turn around once one of their friends is down)
  • impressions on a 1-10 scale (ignoring focus skills):
    • priest, design: 9, strength: 8
      • initially confusing, but interesting concept; can work as offtank once the heal over time is stacked
    • hunter, design: 6, strength: 7
      • positive: beartraps for area denial and to possibly push enemies into it; support shots seem OP
      • negative: low accuracy if behind own units, friendly fire on support shots
    • javelinman, design: 4, strength: 10
      • positive: always 100% accuracy, no friendly fire, support shots seem OP
      • negative: boring since he has no special skill... his turn consists of repositioning (which is unnecessary most of the times due to no accuracy penalty) and shooting (which he does all the time anyway) -> might as well skip his turn if there's nothing to do. Maybe add something like a pinning shot (immobilizing an enemy)
    • bloodknight, design: 8, strength: 7
      • vulnerable but mobile
      • wishlist: allow jumping to tiles and not just enemies; mark/choose the landing tile when attacking (sometimes it's not clear)
    • berserker, design: 4, strength: 4
      • seems uninteresting & underwhelming, no skills only autohits
      • wishlist: something like an aoe-hit, maybe with friendly fire 
    • guardian, design: 8, strength: 10
      • onehits even tough enemies on the right terrain due to pushing; combined with defense and shielding this is the best class by far 
    • footman, design: 8, strength: 9
      • same as guardian but since he has to follow the enemy it's not as OP; feels as useless as berserker once in melee

Wow! Thanks for this huge list :)... took me a while to get all of this :)

You have very valid points - most of them (like wasd keyboard, skill readiness, balancing of terrain/units) we will implement into game.

For the RAM(charge) ability (scavenger warlord and footman) - it is intentional to ignore terrain effects on the path to target.

You can stun/exhaust enemy only if the height  behind enemy is 2 and more.

Engagement is a special effect and should trigger free attack only when target moves, and only with some chance, so it's not always. The engagement icon should go away when the engager is not in melee range, if it's still there -> bug.

Units will retaliate if pushed against them only when: 1) is not exhausted, 2) is melee. 

I've updated all  description text in game  related to your suggestions, and reduced the damage effect of spikes.

As for the Berserker class - he had 'grappling hook' ability - which pulls enemy to him, but we thought it's just too OP. He's  still a candidate for re-design :).

For the ranged support - you probably right it seems to be OP, so we might add some mechanics to limit the effectiveness, like 1charge/turn..

it's rare to see an actual playable demo in 2018 instead of a 15€ early access cash grab that is nowhere near the level of what you have shown so far... thus i'm glad some of what I mentioned could be useful.

the tactical layer looks really good coupled with some very interesting/unique ideas (the impact of terrain, the timeline, focus...), you might consider adding it onto kickstarter for both funding and more feedback from other players... 

I could have added more points but didn't want to bloat the post even further... that said a grappling hook could be a nice addition. Pulling enemies over spikes could ignore the damage in the same manner that 'ram' does (except for the last tile the enemy ends up staying on). Perhaps it could allow the character to access tiles with a bigger height difference other units might not reach that easily ... and then give enemies a similar skill^^

anyway I'm looking forward to the full game, especially if the strategic layer is on the same level and there's enough variety in enemy types, map design, etc

Developer (1 edit)

For the strategic layer - we do develop a world map with many zones/biomes with all different types of enemies. Each zone is its own small map with traveling system like in FTL, e.g. points of interest interconnected with routes. Player then chooses where to go with his Urtuk & party.. The last node within each zone is a boss camp. We also introduce small shop mechanics, and injury system for your party member - if a character falls in battle, he gets 'injured'. If he falls again, he dies and is gone for ever. The 'injured' status can be healed using bandage - a game resource.. 

There is really much going on regarding development & design, so hopefully, if you are interested, we will publish a private pre-alpha build of the campaign with combat.

Enjoyed what I played, my only real bit of feedback is we need more feedback as to what's going on. It took me a few tries to understand why certain characters were doing crap damage to certain enemies. Placement doesn't seem to be that important either, maybe adding attack ranges or abilities that allow enemy control (like pushback) would spice things up a bit.

Also some of the English is pretty bad, which makes it awkward to understand what the tutorial is saying. I'm happy to proof read any text you have :)



With the english wording - you're right, I am not english native speaker, so your help would be really awesome!

I can send you some texts for proofing to your email, if that's ok with you?

Sure, send it over to and I'll check it over as soon as i can :)



I've sent you some text for the proofreading, did you get it? Not sure if it didn't end in your spam? 


(1 edit)

Graphics are really cool. Your job is very promising. I want to see more ! 

You could add bosses that take several slots and can be played by players or AI. 

Good luck for the future.


Thanks! There are already bosses in some world locations, mainly at the end of a zone... Also player can hire/recruit bosses under specific circumstances :)

Perfect !

Have you planned an online mode ? A level editor could also be interesting . 

To my mind, do not hesitate to diversify skills of the mercenaries while making sure to keep weakness to the units. 

I would like to see a tactical game, challenging, punitive and authentic game. I think, you are on the right way ! 


No online or co-coop at the moment planned. We focus on single player experience. Maybe later :)

The diversity is main focus when designing characters/classes... on top of that - you can even attach various traits/abilities from fallen enemies after battle.

Great game. I would suggest an "Undo move" feature. I often move a character and release afterwards that it was a mistake.


thanks! Unfortunately when a unit moves, he might sustain tiles effects or can trigger enemy attack of oprtunity, so an undo is not possible.

you could just disable the feature in those cases


yes that could be possible, we might think about that in future - right now the game engine is already quite complex and it's not so easy to implement that feature. 

Ok, I understand. The game is really good anyways. quite addictive. keep up the good work!


thanks a lot! Next week we plan to start closed beta with the campaign, party managment, skills, quests and more! Would you be interested? If yes I let you know and send you the build.

Sure, why not. 


Hi there! So we released our closed beta as promised - you can get it here for win, macOS, linux:!A1RAzATC!oRvh9OPOsExIi83rpUiPYQ