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I loved the graphics.. i was unable to get some keys even if i pressed them on keyboard.... and after a while i felt bored...prolly coz i only played level 1....  i was pressing both 'Q' and 'P' at the same time..maybe thats a thing players can exploit!! Anyways I loved the graphics

Hello, first, thank you very much, the keys work best when clicking alongside the song, I did all the math and in theory things should match perfectly, it's when the game's at it's most enjoyable. Second, the game is pretty short, it's only my second game and i managed my expectations wrong, I had an impossible scope haha. beginner's mistake i'd say, so i only managed to get one song in the game. The next levels only increase the different combinations of keys you have to press. And yes, you can click them all at the same time if you wish to do so. It's a pretty short game and I think it get's you going for the song's duration two to three times, what worked out best in the end for me was how well the song matched the key clicking if you follow the rythm =) Thank you for the feedback.