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The game will still be called Autonauts and we won't be applying a version name like we used to in the prototype.

Yes, every building that can accept an item will have these signs showing what is stored in them.

Yes Folk still exist. Now the player needs to create them from Folk Seeds.

Bots now don't need badges to be renamed, you can rename them any time you like.

Yes we'll be sticking with the txt format though a lot of the variable names have changed so the old files are completely incompatible with the new game.


Thank you for this information.  This will be very helpful. 

Are  the "Folk Seeds" things that the Farmer/Player can find on the map, or do we need to create a special building (or "bedroom" ;)), or is there some other method for creating them?  If there needs to be a building or bedroom, how many Folks need to enter it?  Unless there is an "Adam" and an "Eve" at the start of the game or maybe only two Folk Seeds that could be found, I guess that there probably won't be a building or a bedroom.

Once I have purchased the new Autonauts, I expect that I will have lots of questions for you about the new variable names and their values.  Thank you.


When you land your ship on a new planet you'll also be given a box of infinite Folk Seeds to colonise with. 

Great! Keep the questions coming :)

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Sounds like a good background story to me. Curiouser and curiouser ...