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im down to do this. when would you want to pay?

While you guys are free to choose or Patreon to support me and make this feature a priority, I guess this would also be a good time to use Bountysource. I've set a $200 bounty goal at

Just note that I have no time to work on Tiled at all this month since we're about to move to a new place and there's a lot of work remaining to be done even apart from moving all our stuff. I expect to be back on Tiled as usual by the 5th of March.

If I donate my half first, will he only need to donate his, and wait for someone to do this for us, or how does this work?


Yes, I've set a goal of $200 now and if it is reached one way or another, I will start work on this feature. With the move behind us I am again working 2 days/week on Tiled so now it's just a matter of priority.

Hello, I am just wondering if it has been already done or is it still an 'open' task with low priority (donate?)

Deleted 1 year ago

as soon as possible. I already have my part of the money. Sorry I didn't reply any faster brother. We can split it in half.  100 a head. I just want this in my life. Shoot me a direct message on either Twitter or my Gmail since I'm more likely to see replies in both faster. 

@punisherx6 Twitter Gmail(obviously xD)