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I was excited to play this when I saw the previews on Discord!  I'm glad that the final product was as fun as I was hoping.  I enjoyed the humor (was a lot of it lifted directly from The Good Place?) and the dialog seemed to be right at home with the source material.  

This was a nice experience.  I really enjoyed the presentation and the visuals.

As far as feedback goes, it would have been nice to have a dialog skip button.  I read much faster than the text displayed so it felt like things moved more slowly than they should.  I think PICO-8 gives you two buttons, so maybe one could skip the dialog and the other change the track?

It would have been nice for a little more variation in the music and some repeating noises for the different characters would have been nice also.  

Overall a great job!  I loved this episode and seeing it recreated in game form was a treat!

Thank you! Yes, some of the dialogue (and most of the joke concepts) were lifted from the episode. Much of the dialogue was rephrased, but some direct quotes were included. I absolutely agree about the feedback and would have included everything you suggested if I had more time for the jam. There were other improvements I wanted to make as well, but a lot of the scope had to be trimmed, and I still ended up submitting a little bit after the deadline. The last day of dev was essentially a major crunch to ensure all of the main functionality and content for the game loop was in place.

Just replying to everyone's comments to let you know that I've added a dialogue fast-forward button. :)