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I'll not finish the entire map, but just finish Portland, there are a lot of unfinished areas in my demake.

I now have a bit more experience with car physics thanks to other side projects. I think the main things I need to do is lower the center of gravity with a few tweaks on the car's acceleration, and make the wheels less slippery.

I think when I'll have a bit more free time I'll fix everything and finish the map in a big update, to at least have a fun and playable demake.

Hey! So I played the game again, spending about an hour to get 27 hidden packages. Had to look up a guide for the 28th one :P Very dissapointed there's no congratulation, but I can understand, it's still unfinished. I'll say, this really keeps what GTA III was to me, since I often just hunt for hidden packages while putting other music in the background. It's a relaxing way to spend the time back then - doing it in this demake was stressful though since I'm a lot busier now ahaha. Good demake! Definitely will await that update, with better car physics.

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