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Firstly if this is offtopic I apologize, don't really know how message boards work.
This is my first time seeing Safe In Our World, and I'm surprised the find-help page actually lists local resources.

I wanted to say how cool this event is, I'm not aware if there have been previous years before this, but this is a well-funded effort to truly make games about exploring this topic. I used to do gamedev, but being trans in a hostile environment is kicking my behind and so taking care of life will have to do for now. However, grasroots gamedev news always excite me!

Thank you again to all people doing the events, and to all participants. I wish you all the best! <3

i saw in the preview image i could choose my pronouns ans was instantly sold. good job

I'm playing without sound, but the visual feedback is amazing. The game slows down like a fighting game, the "panic indicator" is visible but does not distract the player... so good! 

The long health bar also gives the game a different dynamic.
I haven't played an arcade game like this in a long time. <3

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Hey there, enjoying the app so far. However, I noticed that smooth scrolling is the default - this is troublesome as I am sensitive to movement. I noticed it doesn't apply when using scrollwheel while mousing over the scrollbar to the right, but it's not convenient.
Could it be a toggleable option in the future?
(opened it as an issue on Github if it helps)

it's crazy how this is still in development after a year and more! a support network really helps a game thrive <3

just pinging to ask how this went  : DD it's okay if it's not possible, several years have passed since Alex did their work

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This is great!! I'm enjoying the game, haven't finished it yet.
Unfortunately, the files are in MP3. Any chance to get the soundtrack in a higher-fidelity codec like Opus or even FLAC?
Opus is used by Youtube Music btw, it really sounds like lossless while having MP3 file sizes. It's amazing.
Thank you very much for your consideration!

More polished than most prototypes. The aesthethic looks finished and there is no real frustrating mechanic found in most fighting games. Great start!

I think it's also called "WithThreeJS". There is an image from this page, try looking for it. (Can't paste it here somehow)

Hi Pandako,
Firstly, Thank you for the frequent updates on the extension!

I need to ask, what do you think is the difference between this extension and the 3D features built in GDevelop?
Your description says "This extension is intended for easy and simple 3D rendering." Which means it is made for graphics like Duke3D:


Is that correct?
If you plan to optimize the 3d functions and avoid adding shaders, I would be very happy.

I don't know if the browser version allows extension from asset store, but this is now in the Community Extensions

This was a really fun short experience! Truly, short melodies can stay with you forever.

Before anything, my compliments to the designers!
Different sounds when walking on shallow water !!! <3 my gosh.
The 3 frame animation even when sitting still is wonderful. It gives the character a soft emphasis. You can feel they are alive even when standing still.
The game's transition works very well. Unlike many Unity games, the transition going to lighthouse doesn't take too long.

Going to the lighthouse and waiting a while before sounding the flute was very enjoyable. I wonder if the piano sounds when you make the correct sounds are part of the game's story, but that's the beauty.
The ocean is very beautiful. However, the sound is too calm compared to the animation of the ocean's fast waves.
At the third day, I managed to make the sound on the first try. It made me feel that maybe I'm good at something.
Disaster clearly strikes on the fourth day. I experienced my first failure here, but strangely it wasn't terrible. Be frustrated, and then try again.
I guess real life failure isn't so painful afterall. I'll try again soon.

I also wondered,
Does the child do anything else after going down the light house? What is their home life like?
That's probably not important or interesting. What's important is that they keep going to the ocean day after day, returning the call of another being. When there is no one to return to, the child hopes it will come again soon.

Maybe it will. <3

Nice! This will help reduce the polygon count of interior levels by a lot - I used them as walls before but couldn't rotate them. Thank you.

Hi Pandako! Firstly thank you for the update.

I need to ask another question:
How do I put 3D objects to be rendered first? So that it appears behind everything else.
I need this to make a dynamic skybox with moving clouds.

I saw a comment about it being related to projection scale but so far no luck.

The short answer is to do 2d collision like you would for a 2d game - you might want to use Platformer & Platform behaviours, use the "Serparate two objects" action, etc - or create a specially crafted hitbox for each model.

Hi Pandako, 

How do I change the near & far clipping of my camera? I would like to be able to get close to objects while having a 90 FOV.

(My previous issue is solved, after the update I redid my camera events & it worked fine)

After more than "the next few days or something" I feel obligated to atleast tell you the reason there hasn't been an update in ages is because I lost the GDevelop project file. Whoops.

Bye, boxwindow!

Hi yarsvet,
1. I think that's because the collision mask of the sprite is too small. Try making it bigger.
2. Sadly I don't know pathfinding yet, if you've never done it before try learning from a 2d tutorial before trying to do it for a 3D game.

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Hi Pandako, the 3D isn't displaying and I'm using AMD as well. I just installed GDevelop fresh on 5.1.156 (see right of image), but it is still the same issue. 
In my old project from a few months ago, I can see my camera sprite though as usual, the sky colour is same as the one I set and my events works fine.

Weirdly, playing games made with WithThreeJS works fine on Firefox so I don't know if there is something wrong with how I set up the camera.
I copied the texture URL from Resources panel and pasted it just to be sure, so I'm not sure what texture is "not found".

Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the reply! I'm reading your post about analyzing your feelings when you play Florence and it's quite a read. I haven't played the game yet (and many great others!) due to feeling I'm not worthy enough to experience wonderful, popular pieces of art, and that the game had a troubled development process.
Seeing you have so much fun and emotions playing through the 30-minute experience to the point where you wanted to do games for yourself is amazing, and I'm equally impressed by how on-the-point the article was. It was just the right length with the same understandable vocabulary I've seen on this game. It takes skill to write an entertaining piece, more so one that respects the reader's time (meanwhile I'm rambling here... sorry haha).

I hope to try your other games in the future. In the meantime, I wish you best of luck in your journey!

This was a nice experience. The vocabulary is simple, but the story really hits. I screamed at the kid out of instinct - that's what I would do, I'm terrible at calming children down. I have trouble with children. Still, everything turned out okay both here and outside.

I hope you continue writing in the future. With more detail of what's happening these stories can be even better.

Really late in playing this game, but love the originality! I especially loved the sewing part, the animations made it feel really tactile and like a toy (as it should be).
I couldn't play the game with sound on at the time, but I'm pretty sure it is just as smooth as the game itself :D hope you keep experimenting!

two months later, it finally succeeded <3 hope you get it!
I know it isn't much since Malaysia has terrible currency, but please know I deeply appreciate you and everyone else involved for making this game~

Thanks for the example! I do wonder what usecase using invisible platforms would be though, it just seems more tedious that you have to use it for every single platform.
However using it during one-off scenarios when combined with Timer - for example a level with multiple gravity settings (space), that could work.

nice! i'm surprised you made all of this for a jam - time limitations really bring the best of us all, eh!
the Match one is surprisingly laggy, while the others were flawless 60fps. Fun!

Hi! cat/reina here, still surprised to see a project I saw years ago is finally getting a demo. would like to give my feedback as well though. hope you enjoy <3

the criticisms: 
*The camera when running should ease faster, it's hard to see enemies in front of you when running. 

*I found running difficult, as I often triple-tap instead (mashing the button) and end up walking. Maybe use a timer when checking if to run or not?

*I also wish you could continue running when you press Up or Down, since I need to make minor adjustments to make sure my charge attack hits. Speaking of which, vertical range feels really weird since the enemy seems to have wider vertical range than the player (especially from above).

*Mei's rear attack feels a bit slow compared to just turning to the other side and attacking normally.

*There's a minor typo of "Atack" in the controls explanation screen. 

Some other stuff would probably be a more descriptive cutscene at the end of the first level (honestly what happened??), sounds for game over screen and maybe a level select so people don't have to beat the game in one sitting :D

the good parts:

loved the original healthbar system! it reminds me of zelda games where your health is not a bar. I like the rain effect as well. 

I also appreciate pain voices for the player, since in those games it can be hard to tell who's beating up who, and when you should rethink your strategy.

Speaking of which, it's nice to see the cultists have female members despite using the same sprites! 

It was unexpectedly good to see the enemy being sliced in half, too. Feels weird that it happens merely on normal attack/slicing, though. 

Overall, fun game, just needs a bit more polish and balancing. Hope the rest of the game goes well!

It seems my card keeps getting declined for some reason, so I can't pay you people yet. Hopefully I get it sorted out soon enough!~

This was the kind of story I needed for my entire life. Thank you for making it. Thank you for making such a good boy, too. Anyway!

1. the comment section is a spoiler
2. this is gonna be long. have a seat

It took me a while to immerse myself in the setting, I was pretty bugged by how the protagonist's sprite looked like it wasn't receiving the same light source as the game's first background, but 'Cups did such a great job with composition I got comfy after 5 minutes. 

It was nice to have the ability to rename the protagonist - although I didn't, just the choice of personalization makes me glad.

    Clarisse is a very strong woman - I like that she takes initiative, even making confident faces when I merely highlight the dialogue choices! (Wish they could've worked with arrow keys though) 

Her reason for purchasing the land just to try something new in life was fully believable - it even felt strange to see her briefly reflect on quitting from the field as "running away" from her responsibilities, but I can understand. 

Even I will inconvenience someone by quitting my current position, but it has to be done, for my own sake.

Before that, I want to thank you all again for making a non-white female protagonist. Having recently discovered I'm a woman, it helps to know my non-white skin is actually okay and that not only fair-skinned women deserve to get into sappy love stories. 

The overarching theme of regret not telling your loved ones how much you love them rings a ton of bells. I feel my mother is unable to accept me as a woman, but I still love her for everything she has given me. I hope I have the courage to say it someday before it's too late. 
A friend routinely utters it to me, and only now I understand.

I got the Goodbye Ending, by the way. I like to fully immerse myself with the choices I make the first time around, so that it feels more real.
    This does mean I won't get to see the rest of y'all's hard work and I'm a little sorry about that ^^' but please know that I truly appreciate the effort and love put into this -JAM- work, and all for free. I hope purchasing the artbook? helps some.

Thank you again for reading so much. I love you, and have a nice day!

This was a blast to play through - every part of the control felt right. I hated having to hold down Up to launch the subweapon in SotN, so having its own dedicated buttons was nice. 

It was confusing to figure out which button did what, though - every symbol looked foreign and non-descriptive compared to other games. Once I figured that out, everything was really fun to control. I only had trouble with the swinging things, and the D-pad in general - I was playing on a tablet, too! It was a joy to control the character since dodging didn't make you go faster than normal running, and jumping felt SO perfect. 
    One of the Play Store's taglines were about dying a lot, so it's nice to see the 5 times my character died was because of me not doing good enough, rather than a result of terrible controls. I do have to say though that 1) why is the bonus boss far easier than the story boss and 2) the story boss' dash attack is too tall, I once died even though my character's feet was 2 entire inches above her head. Also, her first phase's fireballs are MUCH MUCH HARDER to dodge due to them ranging between really slow and fast (the second phase was fast - very fast, easier to dodge). But atleast the boss made sounds upon being hit so I wasn't really mad. 

The game's artstyle is superb and it's clear the artist spent a lot of time practicing the Castlevania artstyle - I approve. The character looks just as great as Shanoa, if not better due to her vibrant color choices. Surprisingly, she never blended in the background despite a lot of the game having red hues, too.   
    I was a little disappointed to to find no secret areas you whack with your whip, though.

  Overall, I loved the hour I spent playing the game. I like the idea of no EXP levels too, especially if it's balanced out by buying stuff later when the game has a shop system (so you can only buy a limited number of potions). It still gives a sense of progression without the extremeities that roguelite genre does. Thank you for making this.

4/5 stars though because you didn't thank the player for playing the game. MWAHAHAHAHA

This was my first exposure to a purely reading visual novel, and I enjoy it a lot!
I have sensory overwhelm issues that make me not like video/movies very much, so in here just reading text accompnaied by static character images and fitting music were great.

I also love the dynamic of the story - the general idea of the taller one being more vulnerable was really fun.

Thank you for making it!

Whoa, this is really epic! I've always wanted to -try- to implement "draw distance" in GDevelop for an open world game, and never am sure of it. 
Hopefully I'll make games again someday and look at this project properly <3

I just like the caption for the image. It's a little thing that you make your art a bit more accessible to everyone :D

The simplicity is beautiful. I honestly tried to turn on the lights for a second though before going down the stairs lol! a bit dissapointed there wasn't a way but it's probably better that way

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It's a Metal Slug type game with only one level, but it does something quite original with that one level: have 4 slightly different versions of it!

The 4 different versions are the same versions of the level but set in different seasons. I live in a tropical country so the concept eluded me for some time: Winter goes from November to January, Spring from February to May, Summer June to August, and Fall is September to November??
Essentially, to access the different seasons you press Spacebar three times, wait a second, then do it again until you get the season you want.
    The actual differences are few and don't seem to affect enemies in my 20 minute playthrough. However, the graphics and music change is very interesting and is worth checking out for the atmosphere changes alone! 

The concept overall is rather original, however only changing the months affect anything (was really frustrated that freezing myself for three years apparently just makes the boss wait patiently lmao). That and a lot of things are very "jam crunch so couldn't polish lol".
I'll give credit to the basics the game gets right though: the title screen, generous checkpoints, the simple action of running, gunning and jumping around, double jumping (and with that basic coyote time) make for an actually enjoyable game rather than feeling unfairly hard. If anything, the odds are super biased to let the player win, which I'll always welcome. Being able to choose your own difficulty through direct actions is awesome.

Oh, and did I mention you can just extract and play the game!?

So overall the game itself is a 3/5, but I like the winter, spring and ending themes so I'll bump it to a 4/5... when the rating even opens.

The first thought that comes to mind is... why is the isometric movement not aligned with the actual grid?? I think I know why, but either way...
I like the original take on the 2 character puzzle theme. There's just two items, not too much but still enough for varied level designs (and for me to get stumped at midnight about 7 levels in). Takes me back to when I first designed my own puzzle game - it takes effort to really make something with the simplicity.

I also liked the SFX other than the main menu, they played at the correct time with fairly accurate sounds. It gave a reason to try collecting stars even though the game doesn't promise a reward for doing it (other than a cooler win level splash).

For further criticism though, I wish the game atleast had music, not having music REALLY put me off from playing a long period of time. I know it's a jam entry, but spending the time resource to make simple music would've helped it tons. I also wished the sea waves were animated sprites, like a slower version of the 2-frame animation and scrolled slowly diagonally or something.

That's about all I'd say within this comment section. Congratulations again for making a game together within 48 hours!

Glad to have played this game, and that others keep finding it, too!
I haven't gone through Dustin's route yet out of choice, but might reconsider in the future. Even from the screenshot alone, seeing what I can get just by having the perspective of the other person is truly game changing (just like it would in real life).
More VNs should try for multi character writing!

It didn't pin me down on the ground like I always thought turn-based RPGs would.
On a serious note, the aesthetic has a lot going for it and I hope the writing expands itself into something better. The intro part manages to introduce the characters, but after that it's just gameplay that I felt too scared to fully dip my knees in (didn't try any skills at all). Gonna blame the "PermaDeath" title for that :P

While it seems most issues are by coming into the jam late, I'm glad atleast the jam made you get something out. That's spectacular, it's a magic of every game jam on this website.

This is an amazing concept! The 2d sprite mixed with 3D gave me Crash Team Racing vibes, amazing for a pixel racer (although that was 3d characters). It's definitely in need of polish though, the game has low sense of speed. Not the actual speed itself, but that for example the tires could've been serparate sprites from the characters, and have a 2-frame or 3-frame animation where the tires' shine move a little (from, yep, CTR hahah). The ground being a flat texture and lack of boosting animation (some "wind break effect" maybe) also contributed to the feeling of slowness. 

Aiming was surprisingly okay, after I learnt it's just about predicting where the enemies are going/their racing line, and for a 3 minute of action reminding me of Twisted Metal, the two weapons were good enough, but the big cannon also FEELS better to use - heavier sound, and really big area, in comparison to bullets, even though bullets take 3 round to tango while the big cannon only takes 2. 

Think that's all I'll say about this one. Again, did have fun, and it's pretty cool how fast you whipped out something within 72 hours! Maybe I should participate in a jam myself, to actually make a real game. -shrug-

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I gave the feedback on Maytch's twitter DM! For a more general comment, I'll say that difficulty feels more balanced in this time around, and the modified jump (you need to press Space) feels great.

I'll also emphasize on the teleportation skill though, it's awkward to learn but is designed to save you, the player, so, so many times.

I love the design of the new world! The background feels suitably bland (for creepy) , and the xylophone sound for collecting music notes was unsettlingly cute. It's also suitably difficult for the third world.

One thing I forgot to mention in the DM: the Arena is a lot more fun to play WITH the variable jumping - or atleast I think it'd solve its problems. Feel free to make it available again in the next update OR refine it in future!

Hm that's interesting! I might try it later, if it's acquired early. I played for around 30 minutes and afraid I missed the unlock somehow