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No prob, your game is great and a cool idea to boot!  Off the top of my head I could remember a small spinner that I had immediately went for.  Ok I replayed to remember (also got a new high score of 180/54.9 lol).  But yea It was a gear looking object with a + shape in the center.  I wasn't really sure what they do, it seemed like subtracting score and maybe removing a CMND?  The first time I hit one I remember going for a jump and realizing my sequence wasn't the same so I missed the platform and died, thought I might have accidentally hit up.  Also the gems, does the color they are when I grab them matter like the cycling CMND pickups? 


Ah, yep, that makes total sense. It should be more obvious when those spinning gears remove a CMND from your sequence. Glad you shared that! 

The gem colors don't matter, no. You'll get the same points no matter what. But now I'm thinking it could be interesting to make that color cycle actually matter. I'll have to look into that. Thanks again!