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High level filters for physical games

Here's a list I made by going through the list at and distilling it down to 5.

Everything fits into:

Card/dice game


I don't think these terms are very useful for a lot of stuff, and as far as tabletop adventuring and role playing games go most would fit into all these categories or none. I like where you are at with aggregation though!

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At the core I think adventure games are strategy. But I did almost gave it it's own category myself when I made the list.

Strategy would be by far fullest and could use more subdivision.

Luck category would be needed for a few games.

Card/dice category could be removed (strategy/luck)


That would be something pretty dependent on play style which is unique from table to table. As far common language game terms are defined 'strategy' has a pretty clear meaning at the table and in computer games. Likewise, I can see some utility in calling D&D a dice game, but it is nothing like another dice game I love which is cee-lo.

I know this is not the right place to ask this questions but I'm unable to to find the correct way of contacting the creator. I have having difficulties getting a tile set to align properly and no videos of the content have solved the issue. If you are seeing this and are able to help please contact me


I agree with CONE in that the list tends to be non-exclusive, and in a sense, a bit too abstract for customers. I think more precise terms are ok, even if that means we have more categories.