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Hey, so I was trying to set up a page for an RPG supplement earlier this week and one thing that stood out is that there's no (obvious?) way for me to do revenue sharing.

Aside from my tabletop development work I also write technical stuff and publish through Leanpub - one of the best features available there is the ability to add contributors to my books/projects and share revenue directly with those folks. Below is an example of the sort of UI I mean.

For a lot of us collaborating on projects it'd be super helpful to be able to do a transparent revenue split at the project level - this way we could say allocate 40% to the artist, 20% to the person who did layout, etc.

Another feature LeanPub has which I would love to see Itch adopt is the ability to earmark a percentage of royalties for non-profits. I am a contributing author/editor to a book series the royalties of which go straight to the non-profit instead of the authors - I would love to have a way to do this here for TTRPG projects.

Otherwise, pretty much echo everything else said in this thread and thanks for making an incredible platform!


This feature would help out a lot with a few groups I've been chatting with who are looking to get Coop-Style publishing together.

If I could mash like and get that to +100 I would.


This is a feature I know that's been requested before on itch. At one point, one of the itch developers previewed what it might look like on the site. Still hoping this becomes a real feature some day.


It would be super useful to get an update on this or know if it was deprioritized.


That's a really interesting idea. It also allows smaller businesses (like me!) to avoid having to deal with independent contractor/royalty payments to other artists, which means less tax paperwork. I'd be more willing to collaborate if this was a feature. Great idea!