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Howdy. Love the style, so I borrowed it for my current prototype. 

I've modified your assets to include animation and such for the game. Does your current license actually prevent that (no derivatives). I'll probably end up picking up your mega-pack if I continue down this route, and don't want to box myself in. I can drop your assets at this stage if I can't modify :(

Check out the game here:

Hey Searle, 

Thanks for your message and for using my assets!

As long as:

  • your game is free, or
  • you are an indie-dev (1-3 person team), not a company, or
  • your game does not make more than 500$ a month

Do not worry at all. Credits is always highly appreciated (thank you!). If someone wants to make money on a professional level with their project and wants to use modified parts of my assets, just get in contact with me. I would love to make (more) art for the game, or we can get along with some agreement. In the end, I make a living from doing graphics - keeping in contact with the community and trying to get the best out of everyones games is keeping me alive.

Be sure that I would never lawsuit indiegame-devs making free or "low-income" indie games. You are welcome to use the assets and modify it. This applies to all of my assets I published on as long as the points above are true.

I hope that clarifies my choice of the license and you can use it in your projects as you want. 

Best regards,


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Thanks for making that clear.

I was considering this as part of a pile of possible resources for experimenting with game development but, while I respect your position, if I make a free game, my ultimate aspiration would be to see it beside things like OpenTTD in the Debian Linux package repositories, and all major definitions of open-source include a clause which Debian phrases as "No discrimination against fields of endeavor, like commercial use.".

Also, I have to say: I love how you use the assets, looks really nice with that UI! And the music is lovely too! Keep up the good work :)

Thanks, Sam. That really means a lot. 

If you're interested in discussing collaboration, I'd be up for it. Producing the art assets is fun, but not my strong suit. Feel free to touch base with me in Discord. Discord ID: Searle#0215