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Stephan Sokolow

A member registered Jun 14, 2015

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I've been too busy to play this lately, but the music in the copy I impulse-bought years ago on Humble Store is beautiful. No clue what they're actually called, but I especially love the tracks that `unxwb music.xwb` extracts as 00000007.wav and 0000000b.wav.

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Nice! Given my strict "only games and grandfathered apps can be closed-source" policy, this'll be the first client I've had a chance to play with since Desurium was open-sourced.

(Of course, in the longer term, I'll be more interested in the API since one of my hobby projects (currently on hold while I work on my degree project) is an experiment to see how far I can get in producing a truly service-independent "client" that can hook into APIs but is also equally happy autodetecting the names, icons, and binary paths for installed games using heavily unit-tested heuristics.)