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Pretty satisfying shooting boxes over.

Load time is crazy slow... I waited 30 seconds, and the load bar only went up to like 15%. Is this just a problem on my end?

Hey all,

I would appreciate some feedback on the following. At the moment, the mechanics are simple.

Dashing (using spacebar) is almost mandatory to not die, and provides some time scaling while holding the button.

Thanks for the quick review!

I agree the game is a bit punishing. I think some difficulty transition would be better.

I am curious as to how performance was in WebGL.

Damn. I hadn't received that in all the testing I had done.

Do you have any suggestions on how to reproduce?

That's a tough question. 

Diversify enemy attacks - attack patterns, types of attacks; and/or add abilities / powerups to your ship. 

What that would look like, I'm not entirely sure.  I suppose the difficulty is largely staying within a game jam scope.

But again, all the parts interact well together, and you make clever use of the theme. Kudos!

The setting is super creative, and well placed with the theme. The human made sound effects are also perfectly in step with the setting. 

Game mechanics could've had a bit more diversity, but you had a week, so a complete game that fits the theme perfectly may be more important. Well done!

It's like a point-and-click from the 80s. Pixel graphics, super hard, and clever use of minimalistic gameplay mechanics. As others have said, the two part thing is awesome, and reminds me of games like Space Quest.


I like the use of the satellite images. Well done.

I love the storybook art style. This would make a awesome children's game!

Looks like a pretty solid Mario-like starter pack.

Very cool! Thanks for the update.

Beautiful work.

Are you planning any smaller creatures? Like slimes, or anything of the sort?

Also, is there a general roadmap for this collection? Or is this just being produced ad hoc?

thanks! I'll contact you by email in a bit.

I feel like there is a gap this could fill in the unity store... Just needs a bit of polish :) I like what I've seen so far.

Thanks for posting this for free. Very cool of you.

I started using this for a project, but I'm running into the issue of minimal documentation and a crazy amount of inheritance / delegation being used. I'm finding it pretty hard to follow / debug.

You wouldn't happen to have some unposted docs, or a newer version with more detail would you?

looks cool. The name needs some work, IMO. Dong is slang for penis, which is pretty close to dongers.

Dong is also a sound, but not typically what would be associated with that word.

Unity's WebGL, so you'll need a browser capable of playing it. Works fine for me.

It's not a real game, just a test scene, so no major loss either way.

Hey Sam. I've finally grabbed the asset, and just started playing with it. Looks great.

One question for you -- you have a ladder, so shouldn't your animated player character have a ladder climb animation to use the ladder?

Also, a nice-to-have would be a wall cling / wall-climbing animation. It would be cool to be able to scale or hold a wall without a ladder present.

Might just do that. Thanks!

Love your work. Takes me back to my youth.

Been playing around with your assets in Unity. Just prototyping functionality within the Corgi engine. In the event someone is interested..

If only you had more enemies :)

Looking good as always, Sam.

Very cool game. I'm digging the pixel art as well. You have any intentions of posting any of the low-def art assets for sale?

pretty fun game. good work. Definite a Celeste vibe going.

I enjoyed the write up. Thanks for this.

The game has some clever mechanics. It feels a bit sparse in content right now, but I see potential there. Pretty slick for 7 days, though.

Can you add license information to the meta data?

Thanks. And derivatives? I would probably need to modify your enemy sprites to include additional actions.

(1 edit)

Hello. I like your assets. Can you add the license to the metadata? I would like to know  how I can use it :)

Looking to potentially include it in the following project:

Hey all,

Fantasy Math or Math Fantasy - the best genre ever.


Currently working on a mathy fantasy game, with inspirations from Slay the Spire and Numgeon. Currently has only one battle type scene and monster, but I envision a roguelike Slay the Spire progression system (or maybe not, who knows).

Wanted: Pixel Artist 2D

I'd prefer to keep the low pixel count style, just in case time constraints mean that I have to continue the work by myself. 

I would like to work with someone mature and reliable (I'm in my mid-30s), so a chat prior would be best.

Compensation: Fun

If the game ever gets completed to the point of sale, then we could negotiate a revenue share.. but I'm not crossing my fingers on a math game making big bucks.. Although, who knows. But, one can assume little to no money. Just a fun portfolio filler.

Interested? Feel free to post on my project page. 


Thanks, Sam. That really means a lot. 

If you're interested in discussing collaboration, I'd be up for it. Producing the art assets is fun, but not my strong suit. Feel free to touch base with me in Discord. Discord ID: Searle#0215

Howdy. Love the style, so I borrowed it for my current prototype. 

I've modified your assets to include animation and such for the game. Does your current license actually prevent that (no derivatives). I'll probably end up picking up your mega-pack if I continue down this route, and don't want to box myself in. I can drop your assets at this stage if I can't modify :(

Check out the game here:

Thanks for the replies.

Kind of wish this was a mandatory field for assets. Seems like a necessary to know if you ever want to really make use of the assets. 

If a no license specified is whatever the creator wishes to put on it at any time, then what is to stop them putting whatever constraints they feel like at any point. Hell they could even claim that the asset can't be used in projects at all. Then I just paid them for no particular purpose.

What is the license on these backgrounds? I don't see it in the information section.

I took a look at the FAQ and didn't see the answer...

Are the game assets sold under some common license? If so, what would that license be? I can't seem to find an obvious location for the license type in the page for the assets themselves. More information doesn't appear to have it.


OK. So, it would appear that I do get notification for sale items. Obviously I missed that.

Is there a way to see which items in your library you own (aside from the "owned" list)? And perhaps a price, and whether it's currently discounted? Maybe I'm just not using the system correctly...

Will do. I like your mock ups BTW. If you have any more, especially around how combat might look, I'd be interested :)

Cool look. I might try to make a Trade Wars type game out of this at some point in 2019.

I've used the library system to add a bunch of assets that I haven't actually purchased, in the event that I might find use for them in the future, or they happen to go on sale.

Is there a method of seeing the current price and whether they are on sale within the library? Also, which ones you actually own?

Additionally, are there any email notification systems? Like Steam's emailing when an item in your wishlist goes on sale? Or, a watch list on new assets with certain tags being added to the store?

Super easy to use, and very helpful. Thanks for all the work!

Very cool. Thank you, sir.