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Howdy! I started Emotional Mecha Jam.
People above have given reasonable, standard answers. I'd like to offer two other possibilities:

1) Make the tags freeform. This is one of the beauties of You can make tags for whatever. This means that you can find the big things everyone looks for (metal, rock, r&b, etc) but also that you can find intriguing and evolving microgenres as they evolve (vaporwave, pzacore, apocalyptic folk, aleatoric). I don't know if this is possible given your software, but imo would be optimal.

2) Sidestep the media-bound classification and make tags for emotional, mood, sexual, etc content in the style that Archive of Our Own (A03) and other fanfiction communities do it. When I'm looking for a game I don't care if it's a board game or a video game, I am trying to fill an emotional need. Do I need a game to make me happy? sad? jealous? Freeform tags solves this, but if your software doesn't allow for that, please expand all tagging options, across media to include this.

1) Make the tags freeform

Tags are already freeform! We have a list of suggested tags that we encourage people to use though, it's easier to find certain things when people agree on tagging conventions. This topic is about finding the right tags to suggest to people creating tabletop games and the like.

2) Sidestep the media-bound classification

Tags can be anything, but at the moment it's impossible to browse all content by a tag, you have to select a primary content type (game, book, etc.). I'll think about this for a future update.