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Cool thanks. That's what I'd guessed the idea was, but (unless I'm missing something very obvious!) the rules don't specify. I know I can make it work however I want/need, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something in the text.

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Ha! Hell yeah. To think out loud a bit: If your INJ is equal, not double, to your CON (i.e., equal to your TRUNK score), then only someone who rolls the highest TRUNK rating (6) is put into the "can only die of system shock" category--and that makes a kind of fun sense to me.

Also, I don't understand what should happen if you have a injury maximum higher than 5. (My rolls gave me an 8 INJ). If I have been injured in my 5 body parts, do I die? If not, is it even possible to die? (I theoretically can't take injuries to body parts I have already injured, per the System Shock rules, right?) If I'm to simply wait for System Shock (after failing a CON save)... then what's the point of having a high INJ? Seems to me like "Double Constitution to determine Injury maximum" causes problems!

Hi! I'm a little confused about weapon ranges. I understand that the number corresponds to paces (squares) at which distance the weapon can hit. But why do missile weapons have three ranges? Do you apply a negative bonus at greater range, or something like that? If there's no difference at different ranges, then why isn't it simply one "max range" rating?

Just started the game in early access and loving it! It's hitting two different nostalgia spots: Poking around corners in a PS1 game looking for gold, and that sweet sweet open world Morrowind bullshit. Ten million stars. I really like that the game keeps surprising me!

I loooooove these!

Nice! Thanks for answering my question!

So when the rules say roll for a background, that means in another list from another game? (Like, say, in the Troika! book?) Just making sure I'm not missing something obvious!


Hey no worries! Thanks for responding!

Hi! Your project page seems to not be working!

Hi! Could you please add a little content warning to the page that says this story involves body dysmorphia (and anything else you think is appropriate)? I just think some potential players would like to know that before jumping in!

No need to be sorry! perfectly chill to use whatever terms you want for stuff, I just didn't recognize it personally! (I had a /hunch/ that that's what it meant!) Glad to hear that the jam has given you the opportunity to sign up and try out the platform!

Hi! What does "BxB" mean? I'm just unfamiliar with the term. Thanks!

Hey! Tell everybody about your works in progress! If you want! No pressure!


Cool, thanks!

Could you talk about your process for training the AI?--if "training" is even the right word!

Maybe tangential to the scope of the jam but here's a resource for online play that I wasn't aware of. Maybe once you've got a product you could get it implemented here?

Having a specific problem with a specific program or tool? Ask here, and we can all try to help together!

Hi! Post other bits of tech, tools, tutorials, guides, whatever, below!  Maybe I'll incorporate some of them into the jam's main page, but probably we'll just keep them collected for people to find through the hub!

This product is so impressive! Comes with TONS of maps, pregen characters, handouts. Definitely lives up to being a "mini-mega" hexcrawl!

Hell Yeah.

I just saw someone post the sweet play map and other Kickstarter stuff, and now I am jealous! Is there anywhere to get those extras, post-Kickstarter?

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Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to write back with your reaction!

That list (including the order--tho thanks for spotting Scorn twice, I tried to remove repeats!) is based on the ancient Coptic Gnostic poem called Thunderperfect Mind, which you can read here: 

It's hard to know exactly what the ancient poet was trying to accomplish with their writing, but some interpretations suggest that the poem represents a powerful, multi-faceted goddess invoking herself. The idea that this goddess contains contradictory "good" and "bad" qualities seems to be part of the point: this powerful entity can do anything, be anything, and is perhaps above the morals or laws of the mortal realm. The original writer's inclusion of specifically gendered language seems to be doing something similar.

I say this in defense of maintaining my word choice. I'm drawing on a historic text to try to evoke a particular mood and to make a point about revenge, or rage, or power. So while I appreciate that the words might not sit well with some players, I'm going to keep the list as is.

IMO, leaving it up to the potential player to decide how they might approach that skill list is also an important, intentional choice. Along with "virgin" or "whore," how is someone going to choose to interpret "last" or "lowness"? I have no idea, and that's part of the point--what might one do with infinite power, or with contradictory powers? I want to keep the interpretation of all of those skills open-ended, since I think that might prompt self-reflection and creativity. 

Though you're right re: layout, there's definitely some design wizardry skills that I don't yet have that would make it look nicer! Something to keep in mind for a revamp, if I ever do that! Though I think there is something to be said for the Text Wall Of Skills given that the character is meant to feel omnipotent and omniscient!

Thanks again for the feedback!

Just a thought: A neat feature would be the ability to load images etc into a folder that the program sources, instead of a random search. I think people could make some novel experiences with that tech!

the vibe is monsters under the bed and lucid dreaming, very cool

This is amazing! Thank yoooou!

24XX Jam community · Created a new topic Thank You!

Thank you everyone for participating in the jam! It's been great to see all the creativity poured into 2400 and to see all the wild places everyone took the system! This was just a little idea I cooked up with Jason and WOW it took off! Thanks again.

Definitely hype up your own game, and other games you like, on social media! Use the #24XXJam to keep the conversation going.


Hi! I'm one of the 24XXJam hosts, would you please give me a way to contact you? Or, message me on twitter (@cartweel) or at cartweel at gmail! thanks!

An absolute classic, total banger, I bring it up all the time, definitely check it out.


Hi! Could you let us know exactly which template you're trying to use? There's an Affinity Designer one, a Photoshop one, and templates for Google Docs and Google Slides. With that info I'm sure Jason will be able to help you out!

Hell Yeah

Did this happen?

Yeah I would say submit each module as a separate project, if you want them to be more visible--and that's what I want! If it's one bigger thing with some add ons, then submitting as one project makes more sense. But it's up to you!

((Small point: There is a theoretical limit to how many projects one can upload to itch, but that shouldn't matter for you atm and you can always rejigger things later.))

v good tagline

It's already happening! Now!

Hey AWESOME thanks for posting these resources! (Photomosh has taken over my life.)