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Alright! Happy to get started! I opened up a folder with old conlang ideas in it and found one that was barely started, and I decided to start there. So far, I've messed with phonology and set up a grammar document, a translation attempts document, and a lexicon document. 

I randomly generated some words using Awkwords. Here's a meaningless sample:

mung sha phi nam xhu mi dan kang kam whi ta la sha sing ni bhing xa whim whun ma gung sang shang kan tang di lhu xhing di xu phan sum xu si nu ghim sun bum pam mhum shan sun sum mhu khin ki xha shang wam thim phim tham pa mhin wa xum shun ba mhim su lin shang tu mi lha mhang ki thi xhim mhu gim bhi lhim dhu bim shan gim xhi phin ghung bi tu bhu bhu nhi phun nham shang ka sa tham ki wu nang xu na dhun thu xing mhu whu phun shung lhi sam sang na di xham shun lang bhim ghi nhi ga lu mi whin wu ghu gim xi di gan xun sung mhi thi bu win whim ku shi wha sang du wi ga whim san pu nhi da shu wha gun sun khi phu si sing bhu ghu dhu dhi lhu na dhan xha khi xa kham kim gung dha lhing sha nim sum phin lhu kam dhi sing bim thung sam kham dhi thu mhu gin xi xu lhing lhin pi shu khum xhi xhin san sham bhi shu wha whu man tham shing phum lun ti xam ghu shun nha thi nha si thum sim ni khung ka lhun la ming dhun gi ka thim dim sa kan tin xu ta pa pum whu pun shing di nung lung ma lu mam wa thung xha mhim dhan phi nhi mang da ki dam mhu wan pin ghin pha sam shan shan lhim du shu sung bhi nu lhang kan pang dhu gun mum ting mham sam xan ka tam sha xhu lum gham sang gi ping whi ghu xing di lu dhing tam shan pu xa pin pung nun mhu khi xhi tin

I'm basing this a little bit on Chinese and a little bit on Austroasiatic languages like Vietnamese and Cambodian. The "h" after a syllable's first consonant marks creaky voice. Very exciting!

Hi! I say, make the game you want. But, if you're looking for my intent when creating the jam, I am looking for games that stick closer to the belonging outside belonging framework: no gms, no dice, utilizing the tools that are presented in Dream Apart/Dream Askew. 

HI! I've started a belonging outside belonging game jam, here:

Check it out and maybe make a game! (Or, if you are reading this in the future, check out all the sweet games people made!


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Hi! I put together some basic templates for the setting elements and character playbooks! Use them as a jumping off point if you like!

Also check out "Designing New Games" from the Dream Askew/Dream Apart book! (Provided by Avery Alder.)


Conlang Jam community · Created a new topic Introductions

Hi everyone! Very excited about this jam! I feel like it is a really niche space at the intersection of two of my great loves: conlangs and game jams. So, it's exciting to have a chance to meet other people with those interests!

I'm John, I am a tabletop roleplaying game designer and arts professional. I have dabbled in conlangs for a long time, and can hold basic conversations in toki pona and Esperanto. I am an advanced Klingon speaker--this year I hope to pass the third level Klingon certification exam through the Klingon Language Institute!

Any questions or qualms about starting a conlang project? Maybe I can give some advice, or others can chime in! Let's make this an opportunity to have a great time creating conlangs! Introduce yourselves!

Do you have a twitter @?

Please send me a copy of the game so that I can add it to the .zip file (cartweel at gmail)

the message is the medium amirite

Howdy! I started Emotional Mecha Jam.
People above have given reasonable, standard answers. I'd like to offer two other possibilities:

1) Make the tags freeform. This is one of the beauties of You can make tags for whatever. This means that you can find the big things everyone looks for (metal, rock, r&b, etc) but also that you can find intriguing and evolving microgenres as they evolve (vaporwave, pzacore, apocalyptic folk, aleatoric). I don't know if this is possible given your software, but imo would be optimal.

2) Sidestep the media-bound classification and make tags for emotional, mood, sexual, etc content in the style that Archive of Our Own (A03) and other fanfiction communities do it. When I'm looking for a game I don't care if it's a board game or a video game, I am trying to fill an emotional need. Do I need a game to make me happy? sad? jealous? Freeform tags solves this, but if your software doesn't allow for that, please expand all tagging options, across media to include this.


Although I think you have described the basic emotional content of *any* rpg, we're going to accept your submission.

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Convince me that this has centered emotion and not combat, please.

love it

Thank you for including the .docx file. I've run a few Knave sessions now and am excited to tinker with adding house rules, my own commentary, etc., directly into the file.

All of your bitsy games are so cute (and somewhat terrifying)!

Cool! You know I kind of like that it is not quite understandable to me, it means that the "alien" quality is still preserved! QujlIj vItIvqu'pu' jIH!

Hi! I just found the game randomly and it is very nice. I am a Klingon speaker, so I see that you are using Klingon (though it is not quite grammatical and so I cannot understand it) which is great! Why did you choose Klingon?