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Yes! looking forward to this. So.... <.<       >.> one of the endings a poly one with all the boys? >83

(shot for being greedy and perv) xO

Edit: And...I'm not going to survive more then five minutes in this game. God damn Archie makes me laugh with every line. I love him. I love his quirk. *dies giggling*


ahh I forgot to add that in the description! TwT one of the ending is the friendship ending where the four of them are together 

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Ok, cool. By the way, maybe be cautious about recommending raw milk. Pasteurization is also done to kill bacteria. In one instance in the past, a company called Odwalla didn't properly pasteurize their fruit juice and it caused several young children to die from an E-Coli contamination. So pasteurization is actually an important safety measure for foods like juices and milk. =) (you only live cause you must have god-level immunity, Gilbert. xD)

I see! I drank raw milk growing up every night since it was milked fresh during the evening. I think it's normal where I used to live since everyone had an insane immune system XD 

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Yeah, I imagine growing up, like for our farmers who are surrounded by dirt, feces, etc...a person could definitely have a powerful immune system. (but for ppl like Torin, more used to sterile modern environments, it would be more dangerous) I'd just hate for someone to play this game, decide to try it, get sick, and come at you. Maybe consider a warning among the other warnings to be aware of the potential dangers of consuming raw milk. Like sushi, raw egg, are taking a risk of exposing yourself to dangerous bacteria when you consume these things. ^_^'


Okay! I just fixed it! Thanks for the heads up!

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No probs. Also, I'm definitely loving this game. I love all the boys and their quirks, but Archie has definitely become a quick fave. And the minigame is nice and not stressful.


it makes me so happy to hear that! ^^

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Ok. I'm dead again over the Legend of the Pink Mushroom and the Floating Eel. xD *RIP* I see you had a lot of fun with this game. xD

Edit: And Done with all Endings. Loved it. Archie is my canon though. But all the boys are great in their own ways. What a great game. As always, you make such heartwarming and lovable bl games. ^__^


Thank you! The Pink Mushroom is actually based on a real news story ASDFGHJKLLL I died laughing when I heard the news XDXD