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Because dem hips don't lie. =P

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Oh hell yes. Now this is right up my alley. Gimma that dragon and fox. xD But especially Imbriss. Finally, some dragon boy romancin.

Also, I'm 100% down for Momo and his controlling dom self. Now that was hot and spicy! He's welcome to punish Allen to his hearts content. xD

Looks amazing. I'm excited for even more unique dynamics. =D

Greed is the canon ending for me. xD He and Lucifer...just...ugh, I love a confident man with a sexy smirk. And a love a man that wants to rule the world. xD

Probably best. I keep trying to save before my last three sins, and then accidentally saving over that. xD On a side note, I finished it and god...Greed is amazing. He and Lust are the true power couple. But it was so hard rejecting Sloth, Envy, and Gluttony. Now its hard to reject Greed to get their endings to. xD

So if I want Greed's true ending, I have to wait to date him last? Ugh, this will be a struggle. xD

*resists urge to snuggle Greed* x

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Recently had to replay the game from the start, as I realized I'd done a lovers from the start Vexx playthrough...but not a friends to falling in love Vexx playthrough. And I officially love the friends to lovers even more. Also falling in love with June, Bash, Cal, and Damon again. Bad, you boys are not the main focus on this route. (but so hard to resist. xD)

The fact I have multiple playthroughs with all the guys, and two for different backgrounds with Vexx......yeah. God, it makes me happy to keep waiting for episode six. Where I can kick some bodies arse for shooting my carrot head. xD (Even if we can't, I expect at least a chance to snark thoroughly at the shooter. at a level Damon and Vexx would be proud of).

And I want a Taurus and Harse scene. xP

Well, that suck that the first kickstarter failed. I'm actually looking forward to this one. Repledged, so here's hoping.

Can confirm that they do work with the new version. If you have the dlcs, you'll have to re-add them to the game folder.

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Must not cry...must not cry. Ugh. 

Ok, first, the final cg of holding Cove's hand at the beach was missing the line art for Cove's hand. Only bug I found.

(possible, but attempted vague spoilers if you haven't played final chapter 4)

Otherwise...that was the best. I kinda wish and hope and in my head believe that Cove and my Hunter eventually move into their own place at Sunset Bird. I'm the type that prefers to live close to family, and I really wanted that. 

I also love that my Hunter has continued their interesting friendship with Jeremy. lol. Regardless of his protests about the term 'friendship'. And I love how much choice I got for how to propose to Cove, including the fact that Hunter got to do so at poppy hill where they first laid eyes on each other. That was just perfect.

It would have been nice if I could have asked Cliff permission to marry Cove, but that's ok that it wasn't an option. And I love how the evolution of Liz and my Hunter went...from being typical bratty siblings to eventual teasing each other but being there for them and loving them at the end. Most true to life sibling interaction I've seen in a game.

And is it sad I imagined that Cove has his pet fish and Hunter adopted a cat, and now we have fish and cat in the same household? xP

Finally, I was happy I could start a sport industry business. I kept wondering what Hunter would be as an adult, since I always imagined him as the big sports type doing basketball in high school. I kinda wanted him to either go on to open some sort of sports/beach store with Cove or be a PE teacher. lol

*sigh* I'm sad its over. I look forward to the wedding dlc, the dlc for romancing Derek, and I hope maybe someday we could get dlc bits of life with Cove. Ugh, I don't want it to end. T_T

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ah, darn. I thought today was the 18. of course the release is on my work day again. T_T

Welp...poor Cove will have to wait till mon. -_-

Soon.... o.o *stares at page*

Love the demo, and love all four guys. Also looking forward to maybe some interesting guests. I love that it seems like a nice sex-positive game, to. =)

Very nice. I really love Taurus and Harse the most. But Bruno and Xelleck are great to! I'm excited for a game where I love all the male options presented. <3

Looks fun. I look forward to backing this. =)

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I'm always keen for some good sci-fi, specially if it includes some bl romance. I'll definitely give this a try while still happily waiting to rescue Vexx and murder the one responsible. =P

Woot! Yep, cause we know how Bash be with those sticky notes. In fact, I hesitate to see the expenses spent on sticky note pads. xD

This is a nice little game. I just had to get on to tell you how much I loved Aleth straight away. They were adorable and I enjoyed the aspect of their curse. ^_^

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ah...ok...That'll suck. I've no trouble with trans or gender fluidity. But reading the they pronoun always hurts/confuses my head. It has always been hard wrapping my brain around it. ^^'

Sorry, not trying to be offensive to anyone. ^^'

Er...I'm confused. Is Qiu a guy?

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Bring it! My boys and my prince will take down anyone! Specially is they were the one who shot our baby, Vexx. =P

No biggy. Glad to help. I tried all routes and I loved this. I was also happy that you could choose to top and bottom, thus becoming a reversible. Which I think is my fave with lover route Cole. (also, I highly insist we really run with Cole's love of being praised. *nudge nudge* xD) Thank you for this great update and the work that you do! =D

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Yeah, I decided to try all three, and I'm definitely most a fan of lover. And as we all obviously know now...Cole has a praise kink. xD

I actually didn't find the dom or sub route to mean. I mean, they are mean, but the other obviously likes it so...No biggy. Whatever your kink may be. xD

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So, I think I might have found a bug?

In the dom route with Cole, if I choose...

"I don't even need to see whatever terrible things he's imagining." - We suddenly go into a scene of Anna and Cole cucking a crying MC. Which is weird coming from the dominant MC route.

If I choose "I'm just messin' with him..." - the same thing as above happens, but with the added comment from MC that he doesn't even like Anna. Making it even more odd that this happens.

"Let's use these mind powers to see his worst fears..." leads to MC and Anna cucking Cole, which seems appropriate. And then the appropriate Kink activates.

But basically the first two options come off as weird from a route as a dom MC. I was expecting both would not go into this fantasy, specially since I myself am not interested in stuff related to cucking. 

Of course, maybe this is your intention...and I'm just confused. xD But regardless...I'd still at least like the option to not have to see the scene.

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Shoot, I was gonna try for Bully and dom route, but I'm definitely not into really harsh stuff. (specially if its borderline rapey?) Guess I'll have to aim for lover.

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YAY!!! *rushes off to download* I'll comment later...after Cole. <3

(now decide whether I should go for Bully or Lover. ahhh...choices. Probably do saves for both. xD)

Cause we all secretly are in love with Mr. Holden as well. xD

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GAH!!! Why is he so precious!?! xD I'm so ready for chapter 4...but at the same time, I don't want to let him go yet. *hugs to death*

Playing Rex's route...and I'm dieing over here.

Volcano virgin eating motherf***er...

My cartoon villain cellmate just went full diabolical..

I love Rex. And the dialogue...and the writing. I was dieing so hard from laughter. And I do love myself a cartoon level villain. xD In fact, those are my FAVORITE types of villain.

I always enjoy these little games of yours. Really great. =)

Agreed. Jader's blush is a little...poorly done.

Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. =P

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And I'm Dai. I can't wait for more, simply so I can have more Daisuke. (I love me a rough, fiery, sweet redhead. And I LOVE the friend type...So you've mixed the two into a perfect cocktail. xD)

Always glad for an update. All the new npcs were so interesting, I had to pause so I could appreciate the various designs. I'm especially a fan of the gangster rooster, Zack. <3 xD

Ah, I think I was Crush level, even though they were indeed dating by the end. Also, I hinted I'd only marry someone super special (which is you Cove, silly man). So maybe that's why. Still, hopefully we get a second chance in stage four. xD

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Huh...I didn't get those options. I wonder what required it. Hopefully, that's not the only time to propose? Like we'll get the option again in step 4? Ugh...

Er...wait...there's a proposal scene? When was that? I didn't get that. o_O

Make sure you have the most recent version 1.3 of the base game. I had the same thing with the older version loaded.

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Oh my god...Reflection with all its feels. Seriously, I love this game. And I feel bad for yelling "Stranger Danger!" at Mr.Holden back in the day. xD (not really. it was funny)

But yeah...when you grow up and learn your parents are ppl to, who were trying their best. (at least...most good parents.)

Also with Serendipity...that is one way to get overprotective little brother Hunter riled up. xD Someone almost died. (And a certain Cove clone grew up kinda sexy. o.o)