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I love it. I'm going to have a hard time choosing between Owen, Tai, and Zane. Lol. All three are my favorite types. Gaaah! Dx

There's always the Rook/??? poly route. xD

Interesting. I'd definitely like to explore this world and the characters more. Here's hoping for more in the future. =)

DLC **tease him about making soul babies a few more times**

YES. Take my money. xD

I'm glad to find this again. I really loved it on dashingdon, so I'm hoping to see more. Stupid Arke not realizing my MC's feelings...

To be fair, those little suckers know how to bite. xD

I love the new little additions. And I seriously can't be the only one that wants to just snuggle in Daddy Barret's arms. xD (in a completely platonic father/child perverts! >xO)

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I'm up for this. I am happy I got to give Helene a piece of my mind. A very carefully worded 'watch yourself, bich, I decide when your ass gets rescued if needed". xD I can't wait to meet Ædric and Cyfrin. I'll definitely need two saves for both of them. 

probably just bug fix or updated to fit a certain version of the web player.

I had to choose that to. xD

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That's even worse. Cause I wanna romance Damian. lololol. The pain of being aroace that can't handle the idea of me personally in a relationship, but also a BL fan who loves to read about BL relationships. xD It's complicated. lol. But I bet Gerald would have hilarious thoughts about the romance story he's acting in. lol

Ah, I want to ship them already but Gerald is like me. Dx

This is actually really fun and well made. And definitely hoping for some more guys, myself. Also......chocolate-covered french fries....actually sound kinda good. Not gonna lie. o.o Kinda like french fries in a frosty. xD

Since I love my m/m romances...I would not be against Vio being dateable. In fact, I immediately wanted to date him when I met him in story. So if that ever comes to pass, I'll be there for the route. xD

This is amazing. The way its written, the action, the humor....its so awesome. And after that ending, I just want to launch into Siruud's arms and wrap both of us into a quilt worm form hidden from the rest of the world (no matter how confused this will make the poor demon. xD)

Me: I second that.

Galahad: *completely unable to comprehend how this is happening to him...*

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This is already a joy so far. I adore both brothers and look forward to more with the RO's...particularly Helios and Finn. I really hope to see this continued. <3

Must. Tell. Childhood. Crush. My. Identity. 😣 < this x1000

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I would die for Barrett. He's been the perfect daddy-in-law that our MC needs. xD I tend to like the guarded and stoic ones in stories. Or the childhood friend.

Yes! I look forward to more of prince Irus. <3

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I love the new additions and small changes. My Mordred seems to be building a strong circle of friendship with Gareth, Gawain, and now Elaine. Now just to get Gally back into the picture. (the future RO. =P) I'm a little surprised by our dragon's crush...Was more hoping he'd get close to Galahad's dragon to. But my Mordred is nothing if not fully supportive and loving of his friends. He'll be the best wingman his little 15y old butt can be with zero romantic experience. 

I also love that Mordred now has a shared hobby of wood whittling along with Arthur. <3 I also love that we can have a more...strained relationship with Morgana now. Mordred still loves her cause...well...she is his mom...but the trust and openess he had for her has definitely died ever since he learned the truth. Now he just tries to temper her wrath and work towards his own life goals (and not her revenge).

That's unfortunate. Those eyes seemed off in their placement on the face. I'll just keep to the slimmer eyes then. 

One of the other IF authors posted that was changing how things work and that it would affect the saves of all IF games. Unfortunately, if you hadn't saved to disk your saves prior to this change, you'll probably have to replay everything again. From now on, make sure to save to disk as your saves won't be safe.

Gotta say, I really did love this short little blurb of a game. I'm also a fan of rivalmances, and I just wanted to hug our boy so bad in that moment. Very sweet. Agonizingly short. <3

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I really can't wait to return to flirting and teasing Grim. It was so frickin fun in the demo and he's so cute in his reactions. I don't think this boy is ready for my MC, but his heart shall be mine! xD

I do hope the more rounded, boyish eyes look less awkward on the face though. Will have to see.

They freak out over a wolf, to. It's so funny. Meanwhile, my MC is like..."whose a good boi?" while giving him fierce belly rubs. xD

Shoot, I totally missed the kickstarter. -_-

Just played the demo and I already love and adore this. I can't wait to continue to fluster Lil' Reaper with my teasing and flirting whilst he's just trying to claim my soul. xD

Definitely will be on my list. I do love a bad boy with a good heart. Already have plans for Giovanni and Jinhai. I love Regi's personality already. Specially being so gulli-erm...superstitious. xD

just an innocent hug.

Liking it so far. The fighting style makes me thing of RWBY. xD And Aiden has all of my heart.

Love it so far. This seems like a story where I'll enjoy exploring each of the routes, as all the guys are to adorable to resist. And of course, always I'm a sucker for stories that play around with mythology, demons, angels, etc... <3

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Pft...Honestly, in the MC's position, I would have used that dagger on Dalia the moment it was in my hands. Damned if I die for it afterward. xD His personality is so entirely different when away from his abusers. He's stoic, fearful but rebellious, and quietly seething against his family... (enough that he purposely pissed Dalia off during the 'celebration'.) But with King Barrett, his bethrothed, and the others...he's more gentle, friendly, and nervously subdued but hopeful.

I'm looking forward to hopefully more and maybe the chance to bring down our Father and Dalia someday (if that is Alek's goal. My MC is more then ready to wholly devote themself to their new husband and family and screw those abusive bastards related by blood to him. xD) 

If I was the mom, I'd be vengefully cursing my husband and children from the afterlife for treating any baby of mine that way. A mother doesn't give her life for her child only for them to be abused. >8(

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Loving this. So a dragon, angel, and demon fall asleep in bed together... Theo/Mc/Viktor poly is the way to go! Viktor waking up to both clinging to him was so adorable. My heart. <3       

Also curious to see in the future if there's a Luci/Cameron/MC poly to. xD

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Very nice. I love it so far and can't wait for more. I'm particularly fond of Emil, though I also like Julian, Florian, and Dimitri so far. xD

And Ezrah...lets be real...if the real heart stealer here. Although, he's no clue that he is. xD

Had to replay again thanks to your little update. I do like the changes done where we're being pulled around a lot less. Excellent job there. Still looking forward to further bits of the story and more time with Leese. <3

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Hit the nail on the head. I appreciate the options, as I usually don't like to play the obvious flirt. Or I can start with oblivious flirting at the start that progresses to bold flirting once the MC grows more confident in their growing relationship with the other character.

Or in this case, Mordred is still a young kid who hasn't yet hit puberty. Starting to like and be drawn to Galahad, but not yet aware that their feelings are the beginnings of a future romance.

Same. I love myself the lone wolf with a good heart. *snuggles him* Plus it feels nice...MC and Weylin, Tala and Ulrich. Though I'll do an Ulrich run later as well. =P

This was...really good. I got the best ending in my opinion right away...ending 4. Was fun to try the others. I always enjoy a good story about a lovable puppy. ^_~