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I think you do pretty good with the demo just using rpg maker.

Yeah, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the best friend characters. And Zo...I just want to hug him when he looks all sad. I'm not usually for zombie characters, but you guys really nailed it there. =)

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Personal, after meeting each of the men in the demo, I love and am interested in them all.

Ramiel of course is adorable and I want to know his character more.

Lucio actually charmed me with his caring big brother side (which I really thought I'd like him the least.)

Arjana didn't grab my interest at first, but I totally fell for him as they talked about his daughter. A teddy bear with a heart. <3

Chayton I liked the design of the least, but I totally kinda can get behind the snarky almost rival like attitude between him and Ryuu. I'd be interested in knowing him more.

Basically, I went into the demo expecting to only be interested in Ramiel, and came out wanting to get to know all the boys. And Zo. God, Zo kinda stole my heart to. xD I usually am the type to have like one canon pairing and struggle to play other routes, but all the boys seem like they'll be a joy. (and no creepy loli child-type character! yay!)

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Huh, got to say, I was taken by surprise. I love the story and writing so far, and I didn't think I'd like any of the bachelors outside of Ramiel...yet they've all peeked my interest after meeting them in the demo. I would love to play the full game and explore each of their routes. =)

I really like Ryuu as a character, and not just cause I'm a helpless sucker for dragon anything. He just comes off as such a nice, but strong character. <3

I'm not surprised this is originally novel material. The writing and characters in this demo were just simply stunning. You really had me invested almost immediately, which says something since most games start slow. If nothing else, I'd play just for Archie. I really enjoyed your demo, I think its just hard for games like this to get recognition because of ppl's tendency to turn a nose at rpg maker games. (their loss, honestly) I hope you will continue to work on this little gem, whether as a full game or just a novel. I would be all for reading it. =)

Well, I played your demo and here's my thoughts. So far, you have crafted a fascinating story that grips the reader from the start, along with some great characters. I'm a huge fan in particular of Archie. He's just so wonderfully eccentric. (or possibly a robot? xD)

My only complaint was when, at the end, Perry decides to go home, you don't really get directions or a hint at which house is his. Otherwise, everything played well and really set up the story for more. I'm actually looking forward to the full game.

Can't yet. They are still working on that part of the story.

lol. Finn, obviously. =D (then I'll go after Klein, Ginger, Noir...) *starts listing them all* xD

Yep. Was only sad that I couldn't get my social up to spend time with Finn. Curse you, you shall not escape me, you sexy silly fish man! >xD

*runs off into the distance chasing a scared Finn, while Ginger runs behind chasing happily after me. Klein and Noir just stand back and shake their head in exasperation*

Gah, wish I was rich enough to afford a npc. Ah well, beta access shall be enough. Thank you again for this amazing new game. =)

Yosh. After having met all creatures in the, I just want them all. As always, MeYaoi, you find ways to make every character interesting and adorable in some way. I feel like I could easily date every one of them. Though still my heart is most dedicated to Finn, Noir, Ginger, and Klein. <3

I am so happy for another MeYaoi game. You guys have great humor. I'm already loving the demo as I play. Ugh, I just want to snuggle Finn and Klein and Noir. *Finn runs away* Nuuu!! Get back here you sexy fishy. xD

Well its easy for me. I'm like quietly obsessed with Finn. Really, I always have an instant thing for red-heads, specially when they come with a smirk. <3 I'm also taking an interest in Noir. Quite like a kitty with a lion's heart. But I still just seriously want to snuggle Finn. xD

Welp, there goes my wallet. A little worried about it being on steam, considering steam has in the past liked to censor steamy content. But still, congrats on the release! Here's my money. xD

Small request. Since we get more Jezera and Alexia, can we also get more Andras and Rowen? *eyebrow wiggle*

Yes, and I completely understand. Its very important to maintain a decent scope size for a project. I certainly don't want to hinder this, as I'm absolutely looking forward to the full release and continuing the adventures of goofy red-head and Cove to the end of their days. xD 

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I see. Thank you so much for answering me question. I'm just really impressed by the direction you have taken this, as many games rarely evolve characters like this. I'm so glad that Cove won't be a direct copy of my mc. I admit I played the demo several times over just to see how different mc personalities and different interest levels affected him. =)

Gosh, I'm becoming a nerd over the small details. But my first playthrough of the demo was with this little red-head mc that is super cheerful and joking, but immediately latches on to Cove in the way a little kid just immediately decides someone is their best friend forever and is going to protect them. And now that's like my canon. xD

Only other thing is it is a little sad that they share the same interest levels. So you can't have mc secretly crush on an oblivious Cove who still sees them only as a friend.

I actually have a question I'm interested in hearing about. Later on, you mentioned that Cove will develop by our interactions to be sporty or studious, but how so? Is it locked in to what you make your character to be? Say I want my character to be the cheerful sporty type, but I wanted Cove to be the studious and more serious type? Would that be possible or is it set to Cove being sporty because my character is? Just curious, since I'm really into this game of yours and its future. =)

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Love this. Nough said. So happy for the gay options to. (though I wish for more) xD

I'll definitely keep my eye out for that. =)

So adorable. And I love the whole idea of evolving our character and watching Cove grow to. I want more already. I wanna slow-burn romance and snuggle Cove. xD

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Why thank yous. I do love my grumpy, bad boys with gold hearts. Plus I find it hilarious how Geum reacts in the demo to getting a text back from Ao. This could be such a good game. Like him slowly realizing he actually has fallen for the guys, then panics over possibly hurting MC by wanting to steal one, etc. I could see guilt and Geum coming out to MC with his newly discovered love problems. xD But that's just in my head. Please don't let me worry you with expectations. You do you. I'm hoping you continue this. =D

Well, you took my money. Gimme Raiden. xD

Very nice. *makes grabby hands at Finn*

I want this so much. Mostly cause I'm so going to woe Ao as Geum. =P

Got to say, if this is anywhere as awesome a writing and romance as WTNC, I'm already sold.

That's so lousy and unfortunate. I really frickin love your games and I will definitely be purchasing this one.

Me wanty Finn. (Always seem to have an instant thing for the red-heads with smirks. xD)

I had me at Jace and Rusty. xD

It's so totally a yandere bar. xD (jk)

Wow, I'm really impressed. I love being able to affect Rei's personality based on decisions, and still found him a wonderful and compelling character. Dr Moon also greatly intrigues me, and I really want to find out more about him and that mysterious stat of his. (gut feeling says its a yandere bar. xD)

I almost cried when I reached the end of the game. I want more already. It was so darn compelling and sexy.

Wow, so much praise for this game. I can't wait for more chapters. I admit, I feel insta-love with Alkar. Love me a snarky, cute werewolf. <3 But honestly, all the characters seem wonderful and i look forward to getting to know them.

I do admit, I'm really thrown off by Gust's use of they/them. I get the whole thing, but I still read it like the dictionary they and them, and it really makes dialogue involving the character hard to swallow. (yes yes, let the world yell at me)

The story and world are both fascinating, and I really want to dig deeper into this mysterious case of murders. And get me some more of that flulffy wolf tail. >83

Also, props to the main character. He/She/They are a really well written and likeable invisible MC.

God, I want to watch the Ninja with modern day? Lord anime. And the one with the two-faced guy and his sly co-worker. <33

Basically, you are sooo not alone.

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I know how you feel. I was hoping if you made them dom, maybe it would switch to Haato on the bed. But nah, its just flavor text really and a few chibis or cgs.

all in one pc allows you to improve those at night either by watching anime (characterization) or reading online va books (technique)

okies. thank you for the hard work and the amazing game. =)

Wait, wait wait wait wait wait............................wait. Why does Toru have a picture of Haato winning the Seiyuu Award on his wall in MAY? Toru-chi............are you a time traveler?

O___O do you get sick? From high stress?

Oh yeah. I would definitely love a quick save/load feature.

Right? I'm hoping he's one of the "other" endings. Bah. I hate the Fudanshi thing. Such teases. T.T

I'd appreciate it. I plan to try myself. I noticed that if you answer certain ways when get choices with him, Haato says flirty things and Fudanshi blushes. That's what got me on this train to start with. FUDA-CHAN! You will be mine! >8D