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I had me at Jace and Rusty. xD

It's so totally a yandere bar. xD (jk)

Wow, I'm really impressed. I love being able to affect Rei's personality based on decisions, and still found him a wonderful and compelling character. Dr Moon also greatly intrigues me, and I really want to find out more about him and that mysterious stat of his. (gut feeling says its a yandere bar. xD)

I almost cried when I reached the end of the game. I want more already. It was so darn compelling and sexy.

Wow, so much praise for this game. I can't wait for more chapters. I admit, I feel insta-love with Alkar. Love me a snarky, cute werewolf. <3 But honestly, all the characters seem wonderful and i look forward to getting to know them.

I do admit, I'm really thrown off by Gust's use of they/them. I get the whole thing, but I still read it like the dictionary they and them, and it really makes dialogue involving the character hard to swallow. (yes yes, let the world yell at me)

The story and world are both fascinating, and I really want to dig deeper into this mysterious case of murders. And get me some more of that flulffy wolf tail. >83

Also, props to the main character. He/She/They are a really well written and likeable invisible MC.

God, I want to watch the Ninja with modern day? Lord anime. And the one with the two-faced guy and his sly co-worker. <33

Basically, you are sooo not alone.

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I know how you feel. I was hoping if you made them dom, maybe it would switch to Haato on the bed. But nah, its just flavor text really and a few chibis or cgs.

all in one pc allows you to improve those at night either by watching anime (characterization) or reading online va books (technique)

okies. thank you for the hard work and the amazing game. =)

Wait, wait wait wait wait wait............................wait. Why does Toru have a picture of Haato winning the Seiyuu Award on his wall in MAY? Toru-chi............are you a time traveler?

O___O do you get sick? From high stress?

Oh yeah. I would definitely love a quick save/load feature.

Right? I'm hoping he's one of the "other" endings. Bah. I hate the Fudanshi thing. Such teases. T.T

I'd appreciate it. I plan to try myself. I noticed that if you answer certain ways when get choices with him, Haato says flirty things and Fudanshi blushes. That's what got me on this train to start with. FUDA-CHAN! You will be mine! >8D

You need to visit the Bar alone during nighttime, not while you are on a date. So going out of your apartment at night and stopping by the hotel.

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I do appreciate this feature. But there is one issue with it. Everything skips properly except the UI weekday/end. So when I skipped ahead, it was the Wednesday, but my UI would think its Friday. Then I would end up with 2 sunday events, cause of the calendar sunday and then the UI sunday. I had to skip 5 days several times more before it syncronized back to the appropriate weeday/end.

Also, I'd honestly flip the list from (skip 30, skip 10, skip 5, skip a day) around. So skip a day on top, then five, 10, 30. That way you don't accidently hit the top option and skip 30 days. =T

Shiba is still me favorite so far. I've done 4/5 of the guys. But Shiba is so darn perfect.

But yeah, there are a lot of differences from the demo. So they might have cut that cg. (though not sure why)

I don't remember getting a cg myself.

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Gotta say, as someone who is 31, I totally get poor Tocchan's 'old' complex. You just start feeling old when you suddenly hit 30, even though you aren't old just yet. I call it the mid-mid-life crisis (cause my mom said i'm not old enough to have a mid-life crisis) xD

You also need to make the correct choice during a certain key event with the Guy.

The tutorial is talking about how you can alter the preferences of all the guys. Like i was able to make Shiba prefer to be dominant instead of submissive over time.

Actually being able to do the 'deed' with Hikaru does require the Fireworks Festival, however. 

Honetstly, I keep pressing S key cause I'm so used to WASD, and keep getting random screenshots myself. xD

No probs. The game really isn't that hard stat wise. So just enjoy yourself. =) 

Honestly, I'm thinking that's one of the features they weren't able to finish before release. Like Facebook updates.

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GAAA!!! ....I want to romance/date Fudanshi. xD

Am I the only one? lol. Also, another is it just me...but I swear Kawa-chan's chibi gives me serious yandere vibes. o.o

Me: O.O

Honestly, I always just took classes as needed for whatever job I got, then once I met the requirements, went boy-stalking the rest of the time. xD

Hmm...did not happen. And I spent obsessive amounts of time with him, practically every day, even after his heart was maxed. Darnit. Well, I need to replay his route for bottom Haato in shower scene anyway. =P

Hopefully with the option to bottom Haato. (I want a top Hikaru bad. xD)

I also got Shiba as bottom in the shower, despite playing a bottom Haato. Either yeah, they got mixed up, or maybe its intended to get a switcheroo in the shower? Man, I want that bottom Haato shower scene with Shiba now. >xO

So as a side note, I did an entire playthrough with Shiba and got the best ending. And never got the chance to use the Dog outfit I bought from the bear at the love hotel. I spent the 20,000 yen and was never able to select it in outfits or got an event where we used it. =T

That isn't correct at all. I was able to easily win the Seiyuu Award in my first playthrough, going after Shiba. Got his best ending and won the award. So no, you are not locked out of best endings with other characters by not going for Toshiyuki first. =T

You unlock the cheat menu and cheats as you finish the best ending for each guy's route. Each Guy unlocks a unique cheat. So you have to play the game all the way through before you start getting cheats.

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Wee! Played the extended version, and now I'm even more obsessed with Shiba. Seriously, give him to me already! D8 (please tell me there's a dog ears and dog tail I can buy and put on him later? @.@)

Also started to take a liking to Hikaru with his rudeness. I hope he's not completely a tsundere. Call me a masochist. =P

I did want to say that out of all the little jobs you take, I usually have to play through several times to ace the character. And yet...I totally nailed every emotion for the anime audition with Haru and Rion. Which left me totally depressed after. I don't even like those depressing best friend loves but will forever get the shaft type stories...In fact. I HATE them. (cause the best friend type is totally my type )...and yet I 100% his lines with ease. <.< (Haru! She doesn't deserve you! You just need a sexy guy to make you forget that woman. >.<)

(yes, I'm shipping non-existent job characters with non-existent ocs. xD)

Oh my god, that was the most adorable bl game ever. Thank you and I love you. =D