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Hmm...I do love being a helpless flirt. So first one?

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Yeah, Faeryn's route is it tries to present Imbress and Momo as these horrible people. Yet they are my two favorites and both great characters.  Imbress is still me true 'ending' guy. I wanted to hug him so bad after Faeryn made him play bad guy (twice! geez, leave my fire lizard alone!)

Oh thank heavens, I thought I messed up somehow. I even had to force myself through Faeryn's story. (sorry, honey, but I'm just not into you or unicorns in general. ^^')

oooooh! I'm excited now! =D

saves are browser if you didn't back them up on disk, the chance that the computer cleared them out after a while is there.

I just finished the two seasons myself, so my memory is fairly fresh. =P

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If it helps, there's been 0 anything other then kisses with Chris. lol. =P

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No no. Sydero is Lucifer's vessel. Roe is Death''s. And I'm betting Rahim is also a vessel. Hence the 'three keys'. Key to the kingdom (heaven/Rahim), key to the king(lucifer/Sydero), and key to the one that wants to reclaim what is his(death/Roe). (if I remember so-called prophecy correctly)

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Just go to guides, and pick which season you want. Then at the bottom are links to specific character or personality...etc guides.

Luckily the bar is less friendship/hate and more rival/friendship. Syd and I have a healthy rival relationship. We poke at each other, argue, and got each others backs. I consider her a friend...just a...well...rivalry type friend. xD

Right? We literally had this discussion, and then not more then a minute later he's winking at a pretty face right in front of you. Like...come on, Chris. I'm trying here. Ugh...the things I do for best friend romances. xD

Definitely a little more likable. But still a character my character seems to easily butt heads with. I've had to use the guide to build any sort of positive with him. xD

For me, it is Zillah. Rahim has been a Syd 2.0. (don't tell him I said that. =P)

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Honestly, I understand. I like Chris, but he definitely said things that almost made me drop him for good as an RO. I mean, I get he's having a crisis, but so is Roe at the same time. And Chris whines that its his world being flipped upside down...but Roe LITERALLY just found out he/she wasn't human. And the person they care about most, friend and crush...looks at them like a monster when they're trying to get over the feeling that they are quite possibly a monster...

Yet its Roe who's in the wrong for trying to make everything about themself. *eyeroll*

Not to mention, as male Roe, you spend so much of your time as Chris's friend ignoring your feelings in favor of him. Back down when Chris was upset or uncomfortable, suffer under the man's mixed signals and harsh words. And yet, Roe is the one making it all about Roe? If anything, my worry wort and sympathetic Roe whose trying to take care of and protect his friends could do with a little more "Making Everything about Roe".

What really got me was literally after you have this Break Up Talk with Chris, he turns around and flirts with Amarante. Not that we ever get to remark about it.

Ugh...I love this man. But damn it was a struggle not to dump him for good halfway through season 2. 

Darn, here I was ready to be best pals with good ol' Death daddy and become a badass reaper. Now Imma have to go rebel, cause there is no way my Roe is going to sit down and vanish from existence. I hasn't even had a proper makeout session with Chris yet. >8T

But I kinda hope for a path where I can still be best dad/best son with Dad, save the world, and get my man. =P

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If Aeran seriously stays not an LI, I'll lose interest in this. Cause currently he IS my LI. -_- Considering my luck with characters I love though, they tend to either be evil...or die. it'll be the latter for Aeran.

So excited to return to this world. Its such a great one with excellent lore. And of course, always happy to spend more time with my Alkar. <3

This x1000.

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I'm glad to hear it's still coming out. I've been wondering about that DLC myself. I'm totally excited for it. =)

I did enjoy person 3. But it was the entire cast of teammates in Persona 4 that just won my heart. There's not a single one on the team that I dislike. The music is my fave to, the bosses, and of course the game also has the best bromance(though I insist its a romance) in my opinion. But I'm extremely biased when it comes to P4. xD Anyway, I blame this topic on both the theme and the looks of your two male kids grown up. xD

Serious, though. Its my favorite game. The characters are amazing and I frequently reply the game every year.

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Sadly, you can't officially date Yosuke. You can hug him though, and the bromance is so heavily there that they may as well be in love. Also, PC has a mod to fix that horrible oversight of the dev not letting us date him. xD

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hahahahaha. They are EXACTLY my profile pic. My number one OTP is P4 MC/Yosuke. I actually forgot that was my profile pic and laughed so much. xD

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This is literally my canon Persona4 romance between MC and Yosuke. xD

Really loved Ruben's route. Though I do swear Toz was trying to steal my MC. Such a sweetheart. I really look forward to Nour's route now. <3

"Quiet, handsome guy who is popular in class x Outgoing guy who is jealous of the popular guy because he wants that attention."

And that right there is among my favorite types of bl couples. xD

Always excited to return to this world and its characters. I especially can't wait to spend more time with my beloved Alkar. <3

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I really enjoyed this game and I loved the humor and the quirks of the boys. But listen, if you need to take a break, don't hesitate. I love your games, but I wouldn't want you to push yourself to the point you stop enjoying what you are doing. Anyway, thank you for what you DO do. ^_^

As for my favorite so far...A Pact With Me is my top fave. But that's cause it scratches my itch for demons, bl, and semi-evilness. But I really also loved frickin Archie in Odd Guy Meets Odd Farmers to. xD

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Ok. I'm dead again over the Legend of the Pink Mushroom and the Floating Eel. xD *RIP* I see you had a lot of fun with this game. xD

Edit: And Done with all Endings. Loved it. Archie is my canon though. But all the boys are great in their own ways. What a great game. As always, you make such heartwarming and lovable bl games. ^__^

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No probs. Also, I'm definitely loving this game. I love all the boys and their quirks, but Archie has definitely become a quick fave. And the minigame is nice and not stressful.

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Yeah, I imagine growing up, like for our farmers who are surrounded by dirt, feces, etc...a person could definitely have a powerful immune system. (but for ppl like Torin, more used to sterile modern environments, it would be more dangerous) I'd just hate for someone to play this game, decide to try it, get sick, and come at you. Maybe consider a warning among the other warnings to be aware of the potential dangers of consuming raw milk. Like sushi, raw egg, are taking a risk of exposing yourself to dangerous bacteria when you consume these things. ^_^'

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Ok, cool. By the way, maybe be cautious about recommending raw milk. Pasteurization is also done to kill bacteria. In one instance in the past, a company called Odwalla didn't properly pasteurize their fruit juice and it caused several young children to die from an E-Coli contamination. So pasteurization is actually an important safety measure for foods like juices and milk. =) (you only live cause you must have god-level immunity, Gilbert. xD)

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Yes! looking forward to this. So.... <.<       >.> one of the endings a poly one with all the boys? >83

(shot for being greedy and perv) xO

Edit: And...I'm not going to survive more then five minutes in this game. God damn Archie makes me laugh with every line. I love him. I love his quirk. *dies giggling*

Always excited for the games you make. So I'll be waiting for these. =)

Sadly, I feel I would easily fall for the Sheriff. xD

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Funny enough, I originally wasn't interested in other RO routes aside from Cove. But I admit, I'm now ready to explore Derek's and Baxter's dlcs. So go past me for purchasing the kickstarter pack that included them. xD

I'm also impressed by the work they put in to these dlcs. I really wasn't expecting them to do so much for Derek. Feeling a little spoiled now. xD

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I don't remember if I bought this, but if I didn't I sure will. xD Time for some Derek love. <3

Edit: YAY! I just checked my pledge and I'm pretty sure I will be getting these dlcs to. ^_^

Ah, cool. So I can just imagine my own oc. =D

Interesting about the self-insert mc and how that will work (as I usually am not the self-insert type). And excited for some vacation time with our besties. =D Also, the Odd Farmers looks cute and sounds amusing. ^_^

For a second, I was sad to have to wait to play Finn. Then I realized I'm one of the $45 backers. xD Woot! Off I go!

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WOOOT!!! buy.

Ok, first impression. I LOVE the main menu screen. I like how clicking on the star alters the image to a darker one with the options. From a design standpoint, that is sweet. And as someone who particularly loves game design elements, I fan over that menu screen every time.

As for the boys, I honestly thought I would only love Lior. But I loved all of them. Even Shilo, who I really thought I'd dislike. I really seem to have a weakness for wicked characters (in stories at least), as he's so cruel and evil and yet I still found myself loving him (he did give me serious Light from Death Note vibes). Really great job writing his character. I enjoyed all three characters and all their good endings (both 1 and 2).

My canon endings for each boy are Confront Mom with Lior, Support whatever Path he chooses for Renan, and a tie for both endings for Shilo (though slightly tilted towards loving demon Shilo). xD

I also really enjoyed Lior's story and his 'curse'. And now I'm ready to zoom past  the bad endings, cause I also love Luci and want to see his side route with Belial. 

As always, I enjoyed the heck out of your game. But especially enjoyed playing a semi-evil demon. I'm kinda sad to almost be done. I don't get enough excuses to be a semi-evil demon. And you really nailed the semi-evil aspect, still doing evil things but making it fun. In fact, this may be hands down my favorite game of yours so far. (though I love all that I've played) xD

(also, all curses upon Lior's mother)