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Nah, he was dead drunk at the time. Oh, a drunk Cove would be interesting. xD

Ok, I totally love both of those hairstyles. <3

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...I already want to just cuddle Vexx and comfort him. xD


But yeah. Its cool. Thank you for keeping us updated. I think ppl only get angry when you hear absolutely nothing for months. So if it takes you some more time, that's fine cause you let us know you are still there. Plus, I would rather get quality over quantity. =)

I so want to draw my MC and Cove. Think I'll do that. =D

Yes!! Congrats you guys for releasing the game. And thank you for your hard work. I look forward to enjoying building Hunter's life with  Cove. ^_^

I will protect my puppy and murder anyone who tries to hurt him. *hugs Chihuahua furiously and glares at the world*

Same with Driller. *growls and drags both men away to 'safety'* xD

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What!? Who could hate Hanzi? Usually I don't like camp characters, but you did amazing on him. He's just so FABULOUS. xD

I think I enjoy funny characters, best friends, rivals, and grumpy hearts-of-gold most. Hanzi was pretty edgy, I guess, but he was just so amusing. Then there's my grumpy little Cole. You know you want little tsundere. /shot for being a weeb

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Thank you so much, by the way. I understand for some, including m/m or f/f content is beyond their comfort level, but you've not only done that but also gone beyond in making it just as good as the m/f. I'm really amazed by your open-mindedness with this game. I'm a huge m/m fan, so I've definitely enjoyed the bits so far. (Hanzi and Cole being my utmost faves.) So if its not actually your thing, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and sacrifice.

And yes...its not a good cheese or a good pun if you don't cringe hard from it.

Pls don't include a ghost pottery scene...for the sake of all our sanity. xP

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Ok, finished the newest update. Yes, the smile from Cole at the end. <3

Also...I hate you for the whole titanicish scene. *hides face and dies from cringe and embarrassment* How does this game manage to make me cringe so much, yet love it? I'll forgive you, but god that was painfully cheesy. xD

Now I'm off to simultaneously gush over my weird love for Cole, and die from cringe overload. (I'm really not mad at you. Its part of this game's charm, so don't change. But oh god, that was borderline... xD)

Also, couldn't help but notice when MC is recovering on his knees after being knocked out by the Sarge, that while everyone is paying attention to the Nurse and Sarge...Cole is just staring at MC's arse with the biggest smile. 

Finally. I mean, I enjoy the game very much, but I was getting a little tired of random flings instead of anything with the main cast. Cole, here I come, baby! xD <- glutton for punishment?

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Yeah! Looks awesome. Thank you for this compiled update for those of us here on itch. =)

Also, not gonna lie...I wish that Kitsune and Dragon were special romance interests. *drools* xD

Yes! Finally, some Cole time. I'm a glutton for submitting to him. =P

*saving money already for next dlc* =D

I stupidly love Archie. xD

That's just Bash in his mission to fill the entire ship with doodles. xD

Shoot, really? That's...adorable actually. Now I need to make a Vexx route where they were friends in the past instead of lovers. xD

Exactly. Plus you could argue that, if you never eavesdropped in the non-romance Damon routes, you'd never know the extent of their relationship. So by eavesdropping, you opened up that possibility in those playthroughs.

lol. As if neither Vexx or Damon are problem enough on their own. xD

That's how I understood it. Damon left and the feelings might still be there in a non-romance damon route, but it's only rekindled after you visit Cursa again and still has the issue of Zane. Plus Alisa, as she puts it, isn't anyone's woman.

But that sort of depends on one's definition of what Canon is. To is the main route I always play first. (or my most favorite romantice route in a game). So for me, the canon is Damon/MC with a long-over old romance with Alisa. So in my Damon route, I'm cool with how it is.

If in the other routes, that's different and Damon still has a thing for her, that's cool, since that isn't my canon route. Guess it comes down to the individual. 

That just convinces me that I could never refuse his genuine attempt at apologizing.

Also, in my Damon file, I used to date Vexx. Sooo....wouldn't need much to start that fight. xD

lol. For me it was like...two deadliest on the ship...and I'm dating both in seperate files. I'm starting to wonder about my taste in men. xD

Shoot, I have both my Vexx and Damon route. Then I realized at the end of ch4, that apparently my interest in men in fantasy worlds tend to revolve around the two most dangerous but sexy guys that could kill me. But then, I'm also a big sucker for sweethearts like June, Bash, and Cal. Yes, Cal, you are a sweetheart deep down. Don't run away! Hey, get back here, you! >8( *chases Cal down*

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Haha...actually, I did just that and eavesdropped. But since in the other route, I'm dating other boys, I'm also glad to see Damon has someone. Though I can understand others being bothered by it. =)

Guess like how I'm cool with Bash crushing on Ryona, so long as its not the route I'm romancing him on. xD

Side note, anyone running into a ton of errors/exceptions during June's moment at the end (on June's route). Didn't run into that issue on Damon route, so I'm thinking its linked to June's route specifically.

Katy Perry - Hot N Cold     - I found Damon's theme song.

I have a route for every character. Damon is my canon, so I always start with him each new chapter. But the other boys are all great to. 

I'm expecting it to be some sort of low-key space dragon that's supposedly terrifying, but June treats it like a big fat cat he loves. xD

I actually never noticed the subtitles to the saves either. You are right. They are hilarious. xD

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Ok...ok...Time for Blue's opinions. Its all pretty good this time...I swear...

Before spoiler territory, straight away I'm giving this chapter a 5/5 stars. Loved the new characters, new planet, choices, and character development in this chapter. I'm super excited for the future.

So first off, SPOILER TO THOSE WHO HAVEN'T PLAYED (Specially Damon's route)

First off, love the start of the chapter. Getting some time with our prince/princess and their feelings was needed. Then the convo with the characters, especially Damon, was needed and well done. I felt immensely better getting to snark at him a little. I'm also excited to start developing my Prince as an independent, and I will hold you to those gun lessons, Cal. xD

Then, Cursa. Love Cursa. Honestly, when I was thinking trash like planet of poor, gang ridden people aka hell in space...for some reason, I always imagined Cursa to be very desert like. I blame Star Wars for that. Seems all the poor, thuggish planets in SW tend to be a desert planet, so...was surprised it was a Storm Planet. But somehow, I actually really loved it and feel it even suited Damon to. Cursa feels like my favorite planet, surprisingly. You guys manage to put so much character and life into these short views of the planets in this world of yours.

Alisa. I adore her. Yes, female Damon 2.0...the improved update. Loved the chance to watch her scold and bully and affectionately torment Damon about his romance with my Prince on top of needing to be friendly with his friends. It felt like such a real friend/sibling sort of thing. So darn cute. I think the CG of Damon blushing while she's poking him might be my favorite CG of all time. She's officially Damon's big sis in my mind now. (even if they aren't blood relatives and may have dated) Can I have a shirt that says "Before you open your mouth next time, think 'Would Alisa Kick My Ass For This?'" xD Seriously, love Alisa.

Next, Vexx. Awe really do care deep down. But now I'm thinking you guys are trying to hint at some sort of technology like a chip or something that effects Vexx. What with all of Damon and Alisa's hmming over his personality weirdness. It sure would explain why one sec he cares, and the next he suddenly goes ape-shit psycho. I'm intrigued. *folds fingers in front of her face* Please continue. But fear not, Vexx, the Prince remains your friend and will find a way to help you. I swear it.

Vexx and Damon's reunion was also perfect. xD Stab-happy and Carrot head. I'm still stuck with the headcanon that their similar eyebrow scars come from each other. xD

Damon, lots of Damon. I felt all the convos with him were well done and needed after chapter 3. They felt perfectly in character still to both the Prince i'm building and to Damon, without subverting the drama that ch3 brought on. I also very much appreciated the return of the music box, though my prince was 100% ready to sell it. Darn you, Damon. You're hot when you're cold, you're yes when you're no, you're in and you're out, you're up and you're down... *sings to herself* xD

Finally, June. Poor June berry. (new nickname here) It was good to have that heart to heart. I really want to beat in the face of all those least my Prince does. You are not a monster, June. Even if you might go HULK on us one day. Seriously, I'm glad we might get to blow some shit up in Orion next. I'm ready.

And that's all for my first playthrough of a Damon route (my canon storyline). Well done. Great character development, great new characters, excitement, and story. I give this chapter a 5/5 star and can't wait to play through a few more times for my other boys. 

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Ok, played it and GAAAAH. This was such a great little mini story. My Alkar just deserves all the love in the world. Now to play for all the others to. Specially cause my canon is still Omen and Alkar. xP

Possibly a spoiler below...?

Also, appreciate the rings are a silver color. Never was a fan myself of gold. So white gold or silverish is much better. <3

Yay! Thank you guys so much for working hard to make these little mini stories. I really do love the world, characters, and lore of WTNC. <3

No problem. Thanks for letting us know. Hope things are ok with your team members.

Sweet! Looking forward to more A6 fun. =)

I'm just happy it will be out soon. Its ok if we couldn't have a summer release. Thank you for your continued work.

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Yes, I totally love this. Dietrich in particular. (I know he's a fan fave. But hey, we like our grumpy but sweet boys. Don't we? *snuggles to death a certain Sergio from Dead Wishes*) I was so heartbroken when it ended where it did. I must return to my precious rat and his birbles. <3

Now to play Jack's route. God, I get the feeling it will be so hard to ever choose between them. I've such a thing for grumpy boys and childhood sweeties. xD

Yes. This. But the devs have stated that as we get further into the story, we can start molding our mc more as a person beyond the demure royal type, along with more decision making. So I'm excited and anxious to see how this goes. I play a prince, and I want my boy to start growing some claws. >83

Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at. Sometimes its just hard to put things into words. =P

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Agreed with all that. Its why I do love his character so much. Its very interesting, and I look forward, despite any complaints, to continuing down this road to see how he evolves as a character. Yes, I don't want them to water him down to much, but he does have to grow a little at least to end up a feasible romance path at the end. Unless his is a pure tragedy path...then I might have to hit an escape pod. I need fluff at the end of my stories, not further depression. ^^'

Maybe he really does deep down want something real, and was just getting swept up at the bar. Maybe the panic and fighting response really got to him at the hangar. That's why he won't just let you walk away. He is known for having crappy social skills, despite his charm. Who knows. Like I said, maybe he really just is that complicated and self-sabotaging. xD

Its why I had to share my viewpoint. I was hoping for comments like yours and yewyn to help broaden my thoughts and narrow things down. More heads are better then one. =)