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Okay! I just fixed it! Thanks for the heads up!

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No probs. Also, I'm definitely loving this game. I love all the boys and their quirks, but Archie has definitely become a quick fave. And the minigame is nice and not stressful.


it makes me so happy to hear that! ^^

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Ok. I'm dead again over the Legend of the Pink Mushroom and the Floating Eel. xD *RIP* I see you had a lot of fun with this game. xD

Edit: And Done with all Endings. Loved it. Archie is my canon though. But all the boys are great in their own ways. What a great game. As always, you make such heartwarming and lovable bl games. ^__^


Thank you! The Pink Mushroom is actually based on a real news story ASDFGHJKLLL I died laughing when I heard the news XDXD