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Hello! Thanks for showing interest for our game!

We're aware about this issue. Until we find a solution, you can try to resize the window by clicking on borders.

Tell us if it works and what you think about the game. It could be hard to understand, we're working on an in-game tutorial.


Ah-ha! I clicked on the bottom-right corner of the screen, for some reason that made the window center vertically. I was able to access the maximize button.

Thanks for the tip! :D Sure, I'll let you know how it goes (I speak no French, haha).

Some notes on my experience:

  1. I love the visual style and ambiance!
  2. I didn't always catch where the animations were happening on-screen. Some highlighting or something to direct my eyes to them would be great! (something like Wi-Fi-esque waves emanating from the spot, large particle effects, etc)
  3. I thought the game was dropping inputs, but it was waiting until an animation was completed before allowing me to click on an item. This confused me quite a bit. I'm still trying to figure out if it's dropping inputs sometimes.
    1. Having to wait until an animation for one item is done before selecting another slows down the pace a lot. I'd like to be able to select cards while animations from other cards are still going.
    2. Scroll wheel lets you select cards; so does right click. Don't know if this is intentional or not, but scroll wheel is odd.
  4. When just looking at colors of cards on the left, I initially thought the darker colors (like blue for food) were inactive or unavailable items. I'd recommend a brighter, more welcoming blue (or to just brighten the dark blue in the gradient).
  5. I'm not sure how to deduce what cards to pick. Maybe there's some French text that explains, but it just feels like I'm clicking on cards and hoping to pick something the person likes. (As far as I'm aware, the only player input is clicking the cards on the left.)
  6. I really like the theme of a smart device slowly taking over the person's house.

I look forward to seeing where this goes! :D Feel free to let me know if you're interested in any further testing.


Wow, so much things to read, it's really cool!

The game needs some juicy improvements and feedbacks that could make almOSt so much fun to play. For example, we planned to rework some animations in order to make it clearer (we note your idea of waves emanating!).

Actually, almOSt isn't about clicking and hoping the card will match with the person's likes. Of course you must be lucky but but most of the time is about memorizing what cards didn't match to finally use the good ones. We think an in-game tutorial and minor balancing improvements could make this clearer.

Finally, thanks for reporting bugs. Scroll wheel interaction is actually one of them.

When we'll release an upgraded version, we'll not hesitate to warn you! You've also developed your own games, count on us to make a tour on your page.

(oh and sorry for our english)

You're welcome! :D

So in the gameplay, I noticed the number of ? marks changed on the right side. So do the desires of the person change, or are they the same throughout the game?

No worries on your English, I can understand you without a problem. :) If you want help fixing your games' English translations too, let me know! (I don't know French, but I can help fix English).

Thanks for looking through my page! :D