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Wow, so much things to read, it's really cool!

The game needs some juicy improvements and feedbacks that could make almOSt so much fun to play. For example, we planned to rework some animations in order to make it clearer (we note your idea of waves emanating!).

Actually, almOSt isn't about clicking and hoping the card will match with the person's likes. Of course you must be lucky but but most of the time is about memorizing what cards didn't match to finally use the good ones. We think an in-game tutorial and minor balancing improvements could make this clearer.

Finally, thanks for reporting bugs. Scroll wheel interaction is actually one of them.

When we'll release an upgraded version, we'll not hesitate to warn you! You've also developed your own games, count on us to make a tour on your page.

(oh and sorry for our english)

You're welcome! :D

So in the gameplay, I noticed the number of ? marks changed on the right side. So do the desires of the person change, or are they the same throughout the game?

No worries on your English, I can understand you without a problem. :) If you want help fixing your games' English translations too, let me know! (I don't know French, but I can help fix English).

Thanks for looking through my page! :D