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I hate to ask but is it possible to get a few more hints on getting Eira and Festus instead of Sergio and Allegra? I'm really enjoying the game but I've tried answering in ways I think the characters would find appealing in a few different ways, answering the opposite in case it's "opposites attract", answering at random, and now I'm systematically trying to go through the possible responses until I get the right combination. I always always always get Sergio or Allegra, though.  Guess they just really like me :P

Hi! Festus' prologue answers match Allegra, but he requires a different personality.  For Eira, repeat the same conditions as Vincent, but with a different personality.

Ah, yes, I meant is it possible to get any hints on what personality it wants? I've spent over an hour just redoing the personality test portion to see if I can get anyone but Sergio and Allegra.  Is there just one specific combination that I have to get to see these characters? Even choosing VASTLY different personalities (like choosing the exact opposite answers) I always end up with Sergio and Allegra,

Sergio's route isn't affected by the questionnaire, so you'll get him every time if you keep choosing the same prologue choices. Only Vincent, Eira, Festus, and Allegra are affected by the questionnaire. Try writing your choices down the next time you do it, because if you flip to the opposite answers, you'll get a different character.

Could you give out another hint? I've tried out a bunch of different options on the questionnaire which leads to vincent, then i chose the opposite options which again just leads to vincent, here's the ones i could be bothered writing down

(1 = the top options, like agression, talk, copetitive. 2 = the bottom options)


Hello! Do you have the latest version of the walkthrough? You can download it here on itch or from our website:

It has specific instructions on how to get routes that are tied to the questionnaire!

One thing to keep in mind is that Eira's prologue starts off the same way as Vincent - you'll still go to the bank and meet him, but he won't like you as much as he does on his own route. ;)

yeah, i looked through the guide and i thought Eira would want an MC that's compassionate, wants to listen, blunt, and whatever else seemed to "fit" her personality, but it ended up on vincent's route so i tried the opposite and it ended up on his route again (there's nothing unlocked in the memories for her). That's when i started writing down the choices, then i just started randomly choosing different options and it always ended up with vincent.