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What a lovely game! I love both Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Worthington! I was surprised that I enjoyed Mr. Sinclair as much as I did but he turned out to be very geniune. And I couldn't find any faults in Mr. Worthington's behavior or treatment of MC- he's such a good man. Do you have a tentative approximate time for release- even if it's just what year it might be released in?

Ah, yes, I meant is it possible to get any hints on what personality it wants? I've spent over an hour just redoing the personality test portion to see if I can get anyone but Sergio and Allegra.  Is there just one specific combination that I have to get to see these characters? Even choosing VASTLY different personalities (like choosing the exact opposite answers) I always end up with Sergio and Allegra,

I hate to ask but is it possible to get a few more hints on getting Eira and Festus instead of Sergio and Allegra? I'm really enjoying the game but I've tried answering in ways I think the characters would find appealing in a few different ways, answering the opposite in case it's "opposites attract", answering at random, and now I'm systematically trying to go through the possible responses until I get the right combination. I always always always get Sergio or Allegra, though.  Guess they just really like me :P

The creator did update their twitter on December 4th, though not about the game. Not sure if that qualifies as "communication" but it did make me feel a lot better about her chances of still being with us, as I was seriously concerned before.

Yay for release dates and all the work you've finished! Very excited to played. Now... regarding that CG... do I forsee a spicy secret nighttime rendezvous with Guillaume? ;D I joke, of course, considering his personality I'm going to bet he's one of those people who takes nighttime walks when they can't sleep because of all their responsibilities.  Good luck with finishing up; we are all rooting for you!

How exciting! I can't wait to play. Great work getting so much done in such a relatively short time since the last update :)

What a fascinating premise for a romance game. I played through and, while this may sound a little conceited to say because I'm controlling some of her actions, my favorite character was the MC! You wrote her as such a passionate and strong-willed woman I couldn't help enjoying "being" her for a bit.  I was really looking forward to romancing Melody- because I thought it was so obvious that the "old best friends" romance would be one of the available options... but I guess that's not to be, huh? ...This may require some fanfic after the game comes out so I can get my fill of Melody/MC. (Though I understand why it won't be in game!)

This is going to be a hell of a game to play, especially since at-best the endings will all be bittersweet. Do you know if it's planned for late, mid-, or early Summer?

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This is really an amazing game! I'm really impressed by how many different ways I could play the MC- manipulative, brash, kindhearted, or plain mean. Right now I think the Prince is my favorite romance option. He's a lot more genuine than I expected.

Are you still anticipating a March release date?

1. Did you enjoy it overall? 

Yes! It was simply wonderful!

2. What was your favorite part?

I liked the little moments the best- for some reason the whole thing with Basil was very memorable. He had nothing to do with the main plot and the MCs just helped him out anyway (in my game).  It helped me develop their characters in my head a lot more.

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

I think it was well-done- the switching didn't feel awkward or inappropriate.  The pacing of the story itself has me a bit confused, though, because at first I thought the story was going to follow Lilie and Aldrich as they progressed up to battle the king but, considering our current pace, I now wonder if we're going to end the story with them just reaching level two. Which wouldn't be a bad thing! I love the story- I'm just wondering how it can be brought to a close in four more episodes.

4. & 5. Who is your favorite character? Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

Natalie. I love duty-bound perfectionist types. Furthermore I'm excited to see what "being together" would mean in this world- considering that they are both harlequins. Homophobia doesn't seem to be an issue in this setting but can harlequins marry? How do they balance their responsibilities to their wife/husband and their Reaver? I assume if the can get married then they'd need their Reaver's permission to. So many questions I hope to find the answers to!

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Thank you so much! That got me the silver clue but I'm still having trouble with the orange one if I could just get one more hint! :)

(EDIT: Nevermind, I was just getting the hint wrong, haha)

(EDIT2: ...and now I'm stuck on how to get anything but Shirr's Bad Endings A and B. The walkthrough cannot come fast enough)

That's the thing, I've done all possible options I can think of and I'm still missing those two clues

Excellent game, I really enjoyed it.

Can anyone help me as to where Sa's gold and silver clues are? It seems I can't do Shirr's route without them and I've already gotten the true endings for Marco, Yvonne, Shira, Apris, and Feathor.