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yeah, i looked through the guide and i thought Eira would want an MC that's compassionate, wants to listen, blunt, and whatever else seemed to "fit" her personality, but it ended up on vincent's route so i tried the opposite and it ended up on his route again (there's nothing unlocked in the memories for her). That's when i started writing down the choices, then i just started randomly choosing different options and it always ended up with vincent.

Could you give out another hint? I've tried out a bunch of different options on the questionnaire which leads to vincent, then i chose the opposite options which again just leads to vincent, here's the ones i could be bothered writing down

(1 = the top options, like agression, talk, copetitive. 2 = the bottom options)


I dunno if it's a bug, but I'm not to sure how to capitalize a letter when naming my character.

Heh, this made me feel happy but i relate a lot to Marisol, I think I got the 'good' end which was kinda wholesome.

all i'd like is being able to choose pronouns, even if the character stays the same
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Where's the girl on grl action, why no play as wohmen? But seriously, i should probably play the game before saying anything about it.

this game is so f-ing awesome, now i usually dont like to play games with a male protagonist (well i'd prefer to play as female) but i thought to myself this might be worth checking out, at best it would only waste a couple of hours of my life, but you, my dear writer (writers?) have earned my respect, i am glad i spent 10+ hours on this, and i hope to see more from you in the future