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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

Possibility of female MC?

A topic by Aestral created May 17, 2017 Views: 4,082 Replies: 15
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Hello. I just stumbled upon this game while going through itch, and I have a love-hate relationship with it.

The art is absolutely wonderful, the game mechanics are great (Finally a proper H-RPG with complex fighting system instead of a "spam-1-skill-to-win" RPGmaker "RPG"), in general the game's in my top 5 H-games of all times...

...or rather would be, if it wasn't for the MC. From all the possible gender/sex combinations, a super-feminine guy is at the rock bottom of my favourite list. I'd love to see a classic female MC, but even a futa/herm would be satisfying. The current MC's completely stopping me from playing the game since it's not interesting for me in any way, and I'm pretty sure there are more people who feel like me.

So here's the thing: Is there ever going to be an option to play as a female/futa/herm, or is it completely out of the question? (I'm of course talking about it being optional, I wouldn't even dare suggesting to change the MC completely)

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It's a great idea, but it will force Majalis to rewrite the dialogs and depending on the code they've written, it might be difficult. If they foresaw it, then it's quite easy to automatically change phrases in text, but otherwise it would take a lot of time. It's kinda the same problem as with my suggestion : creating a temporary transformation (just an excuse to put the game on the tfgamessite) is okay, but keeping it permanent? That would mean (1) either changing ALL encounters or (2) creating a temporary sub-zone with several predefined encounters and forcing player to stay there until the transformation is reversed.

Now, let's return to your topic :)

However, if there are indeed a lot of people that would also like to play as a herm character, adding such character options might be worth it. Though I doubt that it will be a real herm (with a vagina and a penis) as in many encounters (Centaur, Vagabond...) it is the point that the Main Character doesn't have a pussy. Having a choice in the size of breasts ( flat(femboy), A cup, B, C... ) is totally possible however. If you think that is enough for you, I think Majalis will no doubt implement it sooner or later.

Hah, the changes in breast size can totally count for tfgamessite : by adding them (and allowing/forcing to change them with some encounters) Majalis can kill two birds with one stone :D

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We've thought about it - we definitely have the capability of changing the character's pronouns - and for encounters that presume the MC is male we could write some alternative text if the MC is female instead, and lock out options that require the MC have a penis - those are pretty rare anyway ;).  Basically everything would still be going in the butt, though - we don't have plans to have alternate scenes for vaginal.

Even that would be awesome. You could even add "equipment" from the gadget merchant's shop that allows a female MC to initiate sex actions. But just being able to choose between a male or female protagonist would be a welcome addition.

Im not against it but its a different path from what the title suggests


Add in one more vote for a female MC please. I happen to be a dominant straight gentleman, but I enjoy playing player-submissive games with a female main character. Luckily for me, the current main character is androgynous enough that I can pretend he's female, but the few pictures that show his cock, or the text descriptions that describe him as male spoil it for me a bit.

If it's not too difficult to implement, I'm willing to bet that you'll attract a lot more people to your game by adding in a female player-character. It'll probably be a lot of work, but it might not be as bad as you think. A lot of your art also happens to not include the main character's penis, so you might not need to redo much art, or rewrite much dialog. You'd need to rewrite some scenes, change some of the sex descriptions, and draw a handful of new art assets. Things like receiving blow jobs could easily be changed to getting eaten out without actually changing any of the underlying sex mechanics or logic going on in the background, it would simply be a matter of changing the description strings.

Also, you probably wouldn't need to include too many vaginal variations in sex scenes. Anal sex is still appealing to many hetero people (myself included).

Deleted post

If you are, in your own words, 'a dominant straight gentleman' than why, in the hell, did you decide to play a game named 'Tales of Androgeny'? Do you simply not know the definition of the word 'Androgenous'?

Go find a less gay game, or learn to enjoy the sight of dick. Because this game has loads of it. (Pun intended)

Since the game is Tales of Androgyny I personally would not mind the female MC looking like a Male, knowing it would change the artwork. Love the game btw!

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I would also like to agree with what sirspectacular said, but add on that no new scene variations would be necessary at all.

I do believe just being able to have a female and/or herm varients of the MC  included in the game would be awesome. 


As a fan whom has been following this game for at least a year and a half.. please don't make the game more.. hetero? Seriously, if you don't like effeminate male characters, maybe don't play a game named 'Tales of androgeny' ; making  a female mc for hetero fans is kind of silly for a games that consistently showcases MAINLY dick. 

My point is straight peeps have a bunch of hentai games already... Let me (and other..not-straight, people) have this damnit.


I totally agree.


I feel like a female character would be out of place in this game, the whole idea of playing a trap character in a world that is mostly just traps and futas, with a few females here and there is the main point of the game, along with the whole emasculation fantasy and copious amounts of anal action. A female character would make the entire thing different ... not that I mind having the option, I just think that it would be either too much work or feel out of place if implemented on the same situations.


I created an account specifically to write this. Please don't add a female MC. There are plenty of games out there already with female MC's, the people who want it, can go play those. Please keep Tales the game that it is. Androgynous males getting fucked silly by dickgirls. There are too few games that focus on that and yours shines at it, so please don't change. 

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Could there at least be the possibility for playing as a futanari though? Or at least have breast. I like having the i dick and all the game would just be more enjoyable to me if you could look even more effeminate.

all i'd like is being able to choose pronouns, even if the character stays the same

You can edit the save files to cheat, and there's a part in them saying Label: You, Pronouns: Second Person, I'm not sure if it accepts changes or what it could be changed into, but this kinda makes me think that altering the pronouns could be a thing or may have been a thing before but was scrapped.