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Possibility of female MC?

A topic by Aestral created May 17, 2017 Views: 1,105 Replies: 2
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Hello. I just stumbled upon this game while going through itch, and I have a love-hate relationship with it.

The art is absolutely wonderful, the game mechanics are great (Finally a proper H-RPG with complex fighting system instead of a "spam-1-skill-to-win" RPGmaker "RPG"), in general the game's in my top 5 H-games of all times...

...or rather would be, if it wasn't for the MC. From all the possible gender/sex combinations, a super-feminine guy is at the rock bottom of my favourite list. I'd love to see a classic female MC, but even a futa/herm would be satisfying. The current MC's completely stopping me from playing the game since it's not interesting for me in any way, and I'm pretty sure there are more people who feel like me.

So here's the thing: Is there ever going to be an option to play as a female/futa/herm, or is it completely out of the question? (I'm of course talking about it being optional, I wouldn't even dare suggesting to change the MC completely)

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It's a great idea, but it will force Majalis to rewrite the dialogs and depending on the code they've written, it might be difficult. If they foresaw it, then it's quite easy to automatically change phrases in text, but otherwise it would take a lot of time. It's kinda the same problem as with my suggestion : creating a temporary transformation (just an excuse to put the game on the tfgamessite) is okay, but keeping it permanent? That would mean (1) either changing ALL encounters or (2) creating a temporary sub-zone with several predefined encounters and forcing player to stay there until the transformation is reversed.

Now, let's return to your topic :)

However, if there are indeed a lot of people that would also like to play as a herm character, adding such character options might be worth it. Though I doubt that it will be a real herm (with a vagina and a penis) as in many encounters (Centaur, Vagabond...) it is the point that the Main Character doesn't have a pussy. Having a choice in the size of breasts ( flat(femboy), A cup, B, C... ) is totally possible however. If you think that is enough for you, I think Majalis will no doubt implement it sooner or later.

Hah, the changes in breast size can totally count for tfgamessite : by adding them (and allowing/forcing to change them with some encounters) Majalis can kill two birds with one stone :D


We've thought about it - we definitely have the capability of changing the character's pronouns - and for encounters that presume the MC is male e could write some alternative text if the MC is female instead, and lock out options that require the MC have a penis - those are pretty rare anyway ;).  Basically everything would still be going in the butt, though - we don't have plans to have alternate scenes for vaginal.