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Thank you for all the kind words!! 

Because of all the support we received for the game on our Kickstarter, we will be adding new content sometime in May! (12 new CGs, 24 new chapters, and 5 new sprites)

Thank you so much!! We're glad to hear you enjoyed the game, and please keep an eye out for our future work!

Yep, that's right!

Not at all! I'm glad that the game is making people think about the world around it because that means that it's engaging! We hope you enjoy the rest of the routes! 

Thank you very much! 

Hi! You have to get the first ending for all the other characters, aka the "good ending." Hope that makes sense!

Hi, thanks for your comment! 

DW isn't supposed to be set in a world where gender/sex don't exist - we simply wanted the MC to be a character who can be absolutely anyone. I agree that it isn't a perfect system, but it's a choice we made and stuck with throughout development. It's possible that I will have time before the spring update to add more pronouns, but that depends on workload and many other factors.

As for Vincent's route, it's very much intentional that he uses the word "wife" for the MC. Built into Vincent's character is an emphasis on conservative family values and family structure, and thus he uses the word "wife" because that is the role he wants to force MC into. Yes, he may very well be forcing the MC into an impossible situation if the player imagines an MC that isn't physically capable of making a child with him, but Vincent doesn't care. It isn't about the actual act, it's the sentiment behind it.

And, yes, MC is a bit nonchalant about this, but they are also in a very strange, dangerous situation, and I imagine being called the proper spousal term is the least of their worries.

We talk about Vincent's values more in-depth in the walkthrough, so if you want more information on the rationale behind this decision, you should read Vincent's character information (especially the detailed essay portion). You can download it here on itch, but if you got the game on Steam, you can get the walkthrough on our website for free.

Hello! Do you have the latest version of the walkthrough? You can download it here on itch or from our website:

It has specific instructions on how to get routes that are tied to the questionnaire!

One thing to keep in mind is that Eira's prologue starts off the same way as Vincent - you'll still go to the bank and meet him, but he won't like you as much as he does on his own route. ;)

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Hi! So I literally just realized that there isn't a keyboard shortcut for autoforward, and it has to be placed as a button in-game. There's a slider in the preferences that says "auto-forward," but it doesn't work without the button. This is my mistake, sorry! 

Apart from using your mouse, you can also press the spacebar to advance text - if that will help. 

Thank you for all the kind words! We worked hard, and it is nice to see that it paid off. :)


We're very happy to hear you enjoyed Dead Wishes!

The extra buttons and CG spots will have content added in a spring update, so there's more to look forward to! The update will be up around May 1, so keep your eyes peeled.

Sergio's route isn't affected by the questionnaire, so you'll get him every time if you keep choosing the same prologue choices. Only Vincent, Eira, Festus, and Allegra are affected by the questionnaire. Try writing your choices down the next time you do it, because if you flip to the opposite answers, you'll get a different character.

Hi! Festus' prologue answers match Allegra, but he requires a different personality.  For Eira, repeat the same conditions as Vincent, but with a different personality.


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Hello! You are not alone in the confusion, so here is a little hint: Festus' prologue choices are the same as Allegra, but he requires a different personality. Hope that helps!

Thank you for all the kind words, and I hope you continue enjoying the game!

Thank you so much for all the kind words! I'm very, very pleased to hear that the characters and their stories were immersive and emotional! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into the development, so it's really rewarding to see comments like this :''))

Look forward to our future work because we definitely will be working on more projects (soon!!). 

You have to unlock all of the other End 1's ! 

Try changing up your answers in the personality test.

Vincent : Eira :: Festus : Allegra

Thank you very much! If things go according to plan, it should be finished by the weekend.


Try different combinations with those timed responses, and remember that NOT choosing anything with the timer still counts as a choice.

"My Big Sister" is the bad ending for Nanako. I would still encourage you to try for it, because it contains a CG! Yes, "Seeking Equilibrium" is her good ending.

Not sure if you saw our tweet, but we just updated the game because there were a few others who contacted us about the black BGs. We figured it was best to adjust the game, since several people mentioned it. Anyway, we hope you're enjoying the story!

Of course! 

The diamond that displays after most choices shows the player how their choice has affected a certain character's level of affection. The color of the diamond corresponds to a certain character. (It is mostly easy to guess based on the characters in the scene).

If the arrow moves away from the diamond, you have improved your relationship with the character. If it moves towards it from further out, then affection has decreased. Some choices do not affect your level of affection at all, and in some (rare) instances, you won't be able to tell which way the arrow is moving. 

Now - the arrow gives you a general guideline, but it doesn't tell you everything, namely how significant the choice is in the route. Some choices will increase affection immensely, while others may increase it a small amount (and the same can be said for decreases).

The hints for Clement are that his route most closely aligns with a traditional dating simulator, and also, he favors a person that is hard-working, honest, and also can call him out on his silly attempts at flirting. ;) Good luck!

Yes! You guys don't have to buy the game twice.

Thank you so much, we're glad you're enjoying it!

Sergio is indeed a precious one. :) 

Thank you very much! 

We are planning to release to Steam as well, but we have some paperwork to go through and also have to set up a store. 

Hello! We have the emails ready to send out, but we have to gain admin approval from itch before they go out. We've emailed/tweeted them, so hopefully we'll hear back soon!

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Hi! We don't mind let's plays of the game! We welcome your reactions :)

The only thing we have reservations about are straight walkthroughs of the game (showing players all the right answers). We'd rather that people didn't give away all the fun. ; )

Hi! Right now the player character's pronouns are they/them, but we are trying to add pick-your-pronouns as a feature. There are not sprites for the player character. Hope that answers your question!

This game is beautiful! Great work here!