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I am not really sure,

I was with outlander and the little girl walking around the area where the dark priest is (library) and then suddenly it was there.

I already tried with bow and arrow but he keeps facing and shoot into the other direction, even if an enemy is standing right in front him 

Ah! Actually I think I know what could have caused it! Did you by any chance step on a cracking floor tile?

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Yes, but I evated it.

Coin toss saved me.

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Happened to me - in 1.1.1 - when I brilliantly stuck my hand into an arrow slit in one of the entrance levels.

What, gimme a break! I just had to be sure! :P

Anyway, as soon as I pulled back my bloody stump, my whole party had turned their backs on me. Can't say I blame them, but there you have it.

Really no big deal imo, but thought you might like to know.

Oh right! I forgot arrow traps! There is an emergency fix for this by just walking to another room/area. Hopefully that will help until all the bugs like that are fixes.