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Yeah, same

When its the past the bug appears. 

When its the present it doesnt.

You can avoid the bug but a fix would be nice.

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Sorry for bothering you again but here is this really nasty bug which happens in the ancient city (City after the Catacombs).

When I walk to the big door that is behind the statue and then go all  the way to the right, into that one room and back outside again, I get a black screen. 

I still hear the foot steps, the music is still playing and the letters in the left upper corner even tell you in which area you are but there is a black screen.

No matter in which direction I leave that room I always get a black screen.


Its cool that you fixed the problem!

But is there a way that I can put my save files into the updated version? So I dont have to start all over again. 

I read one comment that said it was possible but could you or anyone tell me the specific steps so I dont mess anything up?

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Yes, but I evated it.

Coin toss saved me.

I am not really sure,

I was with outlander and the little girl walking around the area where the dark priest is (library) and then suddenly it was there.

I already tried with bow and arrow but he keeps facing and shoot into the other direction, even if an enemy is standing right in front him 

Hey wassup,

I jus run into this bug that makes the main character walk but facing front.

In other words he can walk forward, backward and side ways but he is always facing front which gets very annoying when you try to loot something or talk to someone.

I already tried to fix it by restarting the game but its still there... 

Any help or ideas??