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Aaah really?? What version are you playing? And did you save a pre-existing save in the previous version? (Just trying to rule things out on what is still causing this bug)

Oh yeah, that's definitely not something you were meant to see! I thought I blocked all the roads to the debug stuff :D Nice find!

I'm glad you like the game! Maybe there are no ways to fix broken bones and reattach limbs? I don't know. I mean they are pretty severe ailments in real life too, no? It takes time for bones to heal.

Hey thanks for letting me know! Seem like this bug still is hanging around in some variations of the maps...

I was checking quickly your previous let's play and it seemed really cool! Thanks for the video treatment for a thousand times! :D I need to take some time to watch them properly!

I'm pretty sure it's there. There are 2 different prison layouts and the lever is in different place in each of them.

In the other it's near prison office and in the other it's in this small room in the middle of corridors.

Although, if you never used to ma'habre book, let me know! That would just mean that I was completely wrong with the problem. 

Aaahhh right. I might know what's the problem. Did you use the book 'Passages of Ma' habre' during this playthrough? I was pretty sure that it caused the bug. Upon the Ma'habre timer running out, the screen goes black and you return to normal world. The trigger that makes the screen go black is still left there if you load the same save, but starting a new game should fix it. 

If you don't want to go through the entire game again, apparently you can make things visible again by finding the beacon of the depths and using it.

Sorry for the trouble D:

Hey swallowinfinity! For many people, playing the game on Steam has fixed the saving problem. This leads me to believe it really is some permission issue that doesn't exist when the game originates from Steam.

Since you bought the game already here, I can also give you a Steam key if you are interested. Just email me!

Hi V.Knott! 

I understand the frustration. The coin flip mechanic can feel unfair and it certainly can give some players an edge, but it shouldn't gimp players to the point of making the game impossible. There should be good items and important resources around enough to get you through. It can just sometimes be more difficult, than on the next run perhaps.

But I do like your idea of making the enemy loot more prominent too. It actually sounds very tempting and I will most likely do something like that in the coming versions.

Hi! Yeah it turned out that I didn't fix the problem correctly. You can read more about it in the latest 1.1.3 update post, but I finally managed to find its source and this time it really should be gone.

Hey Pappi! So I really think the Mac saving problems are because of some permissions and rights you can give to the game and its files. The saving problem has vanished from people who play the game on Steam. Steam naturally has more right and permissions, so that's why I think it boils down to that. If you bought the game here, you can have the Steam version too. Just email me and I'll give you the key so you can try that out. Hopefully it would help in your case too.

I've noticed that the game can sometimes lock up some items or magic in the menu for some reason. It definitely is a bug. According to my own experience, it doesn't last long though. The items and magic are usually available after few minutes of play. I'll of course try to find what's causing it.

Thanks for the heads up. I don't remember which keywords I used when I found that sound clip, but it did say that the use was alright for commercial projects too. But it does sound VERY close to zelda jingle and I actually ironically enough named the sound clip 'Zelda jingle'

I've previous found some clips from freesound that seem to be ripped from other games or movies too, without the author saying a thing about it, so it's certainly not impossible that's it's from Zelda. I'll switch it into something else just to make sure.

I never heard the tree area causing such problems before. It shouldn't be too heavy on content, but it's good that it got fixed on its own. Sometimes if you play the game for many hours straight, it can get more taxing to the computer and it can cause lag. Maybe this could be the case?

If it happens more often, let me know!

Oh, hey cool that you found your way here! And thanks for the nice words! I do have plans for the Pocketcat and the Moon.  You will see more of them........

Really? I tried checking it out and didn't find a problem? Although the icon of the cooked salmon looked the same as the raw salmon, so there was that 'bug' at least.

Oh nice found! I've been trying to get rid of those infinite item spots :D

Hey thanks! :-D I'm glad you like it! I'm working on the smoothing bugs part. John Wolfe really brought a lot of people here. He's one of my favourite youtubers, so I was really excited to see the game covered by him!

Yes I'm trying to get a fix for the next update. You can expect it tomorrow or day after that.

It's after Level 7.

Hey! By any chance do you have your mouse cursor over the screen? The mouse cursor can overlap the keyboard commands.

Tomb of the gods got what you want. 

Berserk most definitely has had a big impact in making this game. Le'garde is kinda like a poor man's Griffith. He ended up being closer to Griffith than what I originally planned. 

But like Schneeli said, it would ruin the balance somewhat if you got all the good books for sure. The reduction of the doubling could be considered once there are more books in general. Some books (like the cook book) could easily be divided into 2 separate books to increase their numbers. 

Yes absolutely! I'll get an update done this week. This is the biggest bug with the latest version. I heard that you get your vision back if you head back to the city center. 

Oh thanks for letting me know! This hasn't happened to me, but seems like an annoyance for sure! I might have an idea what could be causing this... 

Oh right! I forgot arrow traps! There is an emergency fix for this by just walking to another room/area. Hopefully that will help until all the bugs like that are fixes. 

Some enemies have the headless chicken effect. It's actually a feature lol. One version had them die instantly but it made the game really a lot easier actually. 

I feel bad for ruining your good run! D: the bug near the tower of endless is a new bug that came with the latest version apparently. It's a bit mysterious to me to be honest. Have you tried it again on a seperate run? I'm just curious if it happen every time you go there.

No need to apologize! :-D it's just good that you help me with reporting all this stuff. Interesting bug with the hexen! :D you were in serious hurry. 

The endless loop with the Uterus definitely is a bug. I did make Uterus a lot more difficult though, because people seemed to just rush through them with no danger or worrt whataoever. Headshots don't kill it anymore as it isn't a living thing per se anyways. 

The second 'bug' is a known problem, but it might need some big game engine changes to fix. 

Hey I'm glad you like the game! The first impressions can be a bit harsh, but it seems like when people force through the opening areas the game starts to click more. It's great people are willing to give the game a chance regradless :-) 

Thanks for letting know! So the character facing bug remains in 1.1.1? That's troublesome... :/

Hey ChaosAzeroth! I believe you got my email upon buying the game? If you have trouble finding me on discord (I'm called 'orange~' there) you can always send me email too. 

Yeah this is definitely something to think about. I already tried balance this looting issue with the book merchant in the ancient city. So you can still buy some important books if your luck is miserable otherwise. But this doesn't remove the tedious aspects of loot. 

No, no don't go buying the game for the second time! The option to download the new version is there! 

You are not missing anything. For some reason the game prevents you from saving.

I've heard that Steam version removes this problem for some. But the thing is that Steam version is the exact same game. This leads me to believe that it's still a matter of permissions, because Steam game originates from Steam so permissions don't become an issue there when you've once given Steam all the rights. 

If you bought the game already, you are also entitled to Steam version. You can email me and I can give it to you. I believe you got my email while purchasing it from here? 

Otherwise, I'll try to investigate what could cause the problem. 

Good points! I'll continue tweaking the loot most likely. And thanks letting me know of the bug! It was a new one for me! 

The save file is named 'savexx.rvdata2' (or file save01.rvdate2) It's in the common folder where all the files are.

Yeah if you bought the game from itchio or gamejolt I can give out Steam keys. I don't have any efficient way to hand out keys to everyone who bought the game, so I have to do it manually. I believe you got my email when you bought the game, so just mail me and I'll give out the key!

Hey thanks for the nice words! It's a mysterious bug because I can't think any situation in the game besides marriage of flesh where skills would be erased.