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Almost guaranteed. Most of the enemies got a weakness like that. 

Hey! Hitting the head is instant kill, so of course it can't be that easy. In previous versions it was easier, but with v5 you have to first cut the legs of the guards to rock their balance. Then the head becomes vulnerable, with an icon indicating this. 

You are right that the game doesn't inform this properly to newcomers. I still need to figure out how to give players tips about this new weakness system. Sorry if it felt too unfair. I know the game can be a little bit more difficult at places because of this new system, I'm still looking for better balance. 

Hey! You can call me just Miro :-D thanks for letting me know of the bugs and problems. The game is riddled with bugs at the moment. I'll try to put out more polished stuff later on. Again, thanks for the great feedback! 

Hmm.. This sounds troublesome :-/ The game is heavier than your typical RPG Maker games, because there are tons of processes running all the time. That said, the game definitely needs some optimization work done. Hopefully I can find a solution to this.

Sounds like you've really experienced a lot of the content available!! I always love hearing about people's experiences with the game. Pretty epic victory over the Crow Mauler. Thanks a lot for the nice words!

Hmmm. This is really unfortunate! I can try to look into optimizing some things, but I'm not sure if it's gonna help a lot in the end. My own laptop isn't very powerful and I don't experience any lag, so I wonder what kind of hardware you have?

Yes you're right. I'm trying to release a more polished version next time. There are a lot of minor bugs to be found. Thanks for letting me know! :-)

Ah, sorry I can't give any real estimate. In a month or 2 I should be able to release a smaller update. 

haha this is awesome! You guys made my day :-D

Nice. Close. There are only 2 invocations currently available in the demo: TEACH and GIVE.

Yeah sure, free copies are on your way, if Steam was ever to accept this game, being full of awful awful stuff. ;D

You can get the book of enlightenment with the empty scrolls too. I wonder if anyone figured those out yet...?

Okay first of all, Fed, I'm really grateful for the time you've spent on the game and the interest you've shown. Reading through your texts has given me a lot to think about. 

People got every right to question my competence as a game developer (even if you said that you didn't) because I do a lot of things out of a whim and just for the sake of having some traditional game design breaking elements haha :D And also my game development is very reliant on the feedback I get from you guys. I just throw things together the best way I see fit, without that much game testing, and see what comes out of it. I'm sure every professional game developer would just shake their head if they saw me working on this :D

I'll take your points with Crude sword and Marksmanship and tweak those. As for the vendor - There's probably going to be an option at the beginning of the game where you get to choose an item or another goodie to start the game with. Kinda similar as in Dark Souls. This way the player can strategize a little bit more at the character select screen. Another vendor or something would be good too. You are right that the cells are a little bit too empty as they are now.

Finally, that's some really good insight about the bosses. I'm considering everything you said seriously. Especially the Crow Mauler. He was supposed to be more fleshed out, but I had to nerf some of my plans to get the demo out.

Thanks for taking your time with the writing ! :)

Congrats! You discovered secret ancient debug mode ghosts. 

You are absolutely right. It's an idea I've been toying around with for a while. 

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Hm. Weird. They seemed to work just fine for me, but maybe I didn't run in the same variation of tree dungeon as you.

I'll check it out nevertheless. Thanks for letting me know!

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Well tbh it's a subject I wouldn't like to handle in the game. At least in that way.

Of course I could come up with something unique... 

In the very first demo, choosing to make love with the girl resulted an instant game over.

Yup! Thanks for letting me know! I'm surprised all these passability problems slipped under my radar.

haha! It's coming! A little bit slowly maybe as I got some real life stuff to deal with for a little while. But I plan to release a small update relatively soon.

Oh! This one is new! Thanks for pointing it out!

Awesome! Thank for the feedback! I'll do something about the bugs mentioned here. I must say your original theory about the resemblance of the corpses was so good that I considered it myself. But multiple characters was my initial concept of the game, so I decided to roll with it.

I'm glad you caught the reference! You're the first one to mention it :D Silent Hill is a big influence on this project.

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Hi!! It's definitely not intended to go any faster. It's a bug that was already present in the previous version. The framerate is tied to your monitor's screen refresh rate I belive. Or so I was told. I'm guessing your monitor has 144hz refresh rate?

I just recently discovered this and I have yet to get a solution.

EDIT: I uploaded a version with a  tweak. I'm not sure if it fixes the issue though, because I don't have any extra monitors :P I'll have to ask around and confirm this. Sorry for the trouble man! D:

EDIT2: the new download should be okay. At least the animator of the game said his game is running at correct speed now (he had the same problem) 

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Oh thanks a lot for sharing the game! Really. You've been great help man!

And yeaahhhh... I don't really know what to do with Youtube. Of course I'm not in it to make any money with these little trailers of mine, but I'm afraid the game really isn't youtuber-friendly in general. Can't really blame any content creators for not doing let's plays with the game. Nevertheless, I feel like I gotta stay faithful to what I started with the demo :P

haha cool. Hopefully the game can live to the expectations :)

Awesome!! Thanks for the support man! I also saw the reddit post, really awesome! :)

Oh I'm glad you like it!! You are right in that there is no way to save in the current build. I figured that the demo is short enough to justify this decision. But worry not, there will be a way to save in later iterations! :) You got pretty far already in the game. There might still be few places you haven't found. The demo doesn't have  a clear ending, you just cannot continue after certain point. It's pretty clear where it is as the doorway just doesn't take you anywhere.