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Considering that I'm planning to still update F&H1 a bit after 3 years, it's a difficult thing to estimate when it will be "final". I don't want to make these games forever projects, but there are still numerous things I'd like to add to the game to make it better.

The game is full game in my opinion, as in it tells the story I want and I don't feel like it's too light in content or anything. I do plan to flesh out one of the endings in a bigger fashion and it will probably be the only notable update as far as the canon story goes. Otherwise the updates will be mostly flavour, small details and character backstories. I'd say that half a year is pretty good bet for that ending. I'm also planning to add new playable characters, depending how many of them gets in the game it could take a long while... Sorry for such a vague answer.

Glad to hear! If someone really connects with one of these characters, it always makes my day for sure. Marina is probably my favourite character of the whole cast too.

As for making it canonical - I think it more or less is canon already. I mean how else would you read the info presented in the game? I've heard some people argue that she just dresses like this in this moment in time, but Marina's ending shows clearly otherwise. If the game was set in any more modern setting, I wouldn't mind labels, but I don't think in the 40s they had modern identity vocabulary. Besides I kinda like how it is presented in the game currently. It's not emphasized or understated, this is just how Marina is. Hope this is understandable and doesn't feel like a cop out, as I'm certainly not trying to brush it aside.

I guess the wording is incorrect in that misinfo, but Steam has region blocks on all adults-only games in Germany. Adults-only games are legal in Germany, but it requires stronger age verification than that of Steam's. I guess Steam just went for the simplest no hassle solution and just region blocked those games.

So yeah, it's not like Germany has F&H on blacklist or anything. But when people say it's banned, I doubt they think they have problems with F&H especially. It's just an umbrella term for the issue.

Let's not get carried away lol. Silent Hill 1 and Resident Evil Remake are still holding the crown : D

Really glad you like the game though! Hope I one day get close to the mastery found in those titles.

Thanks for the bug reports! I'll look into them. Some of them are already familiar bugs. The Flesh Puppetry bug is the most bizarre one. I've tried to fix it numerous times but clearly I haven't found the root of its problem.

Ah yeah, I haven't forgotten, it's just that I've had my hands full of work since the release. Things are settling down a bit and I think I'll look into other platforms soon.

It's a bit clumsy on, but you have to re-download the game to update it. It's probably not worth the effort with every new small patch that comes around (unless there is something specific you want fixed mentioned in the changelog) but whenever bigger updates rolls out, it might be worth it.

Yeah good point. Honestly it's not for game balance reasons, it's just because it's a lot of work to check which limbs are intact in all the different scenes. I'm slowly patching some inconsistencies out of the game though, so I'm sure I'll get that fixed too eventually.

Thanks for the nice words too!

Discord and Twitter are fine by me too. I frequent those pretty often.

Thanks for the nice words! Achievements seem to be pretty up there in what people would like to see, so maybe I will have to seriously look into them.

I agree that the replayability isn't quite there, but I have some ideas to spice it up in future updates. Let's see if I can do anything about it. The ending is the same in Masochism mode, it's mostly the just for challenge. There are a couple of unique events in it though. And yeah, a happy(er) ending is planned. Not 100% sure about its details but it would probably be one of the bigger updates if it ever materializes. Glad you like the game!

Sorry for the delay. I'll make sure to have the latest versions up on itchio too on day 1. I've been a bit unprepared for the hassle the game release has created for me. Luckily things should ease up now.

There's been a demand for one. The problem is that the game doesn't support the latest MacOS. I'll be uploading the Mac version regardless, but please keep in mind the incompatibility issues. I will look into the issue and see if it's possible to get it running on newer operating systems too.

Oh I realized it doesn't necessarily show up when you're viewing a game page. Go to's main page. (just Scroll down to the bottom and you have CONTACT US page. If you've bought the game on there should be an option to "Email the developers"

I can give you a Steam key via email if you contact me there.

Sorry for the confusion.

It's not really much trouble for me personally to port it to MAC. I'm just afraid the incompatibility issues would be more confusing than anything. But I guess it could solved with huge disclaimers before buying the game?

What the hell. Give me a day or two and I'll have the MAC port up here.

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You can skip the tutorial and the introductions easily. For tutorial it literally asks if you want to skip it and for the introductions you can just choose the second option when you first step outside of the train. (It's usually something like "Sorry, I need to be on my way" or along the lines. Depends on the character) 

You do not miss anything by skipping the introductions and if you skip the tutorial(intro) you only miss the chance to get the Janitor's weapon.

I'll look into the "field save" mechanic. Not a bad idea at all.

The problem is that the version of RPG Maker I'm using doesn't support the latest Mac OS. I could port it to Mac, but it might not work properly on later versions of the OS. If there a way on Mac to play on legacy versions of the OS?

Sure thing. Could you just email me through's CONTACT US page? (you can find it at the bottom of the page) That's the easiest way to confirm your sale and also safely send you the key.

Right now english is the only one. Chinese translation should be arriving soon and other possible translations at a later date.

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If you donated the price of the full game (about 10 euros), I can give you a key. Just email me through's Contact Us, so I can confirm you bought the game and I will send the key. Sorry if it's a little cumbersome, but that's the best way I can think of right now.

There isn't a toggle option, at least not yet. I've been thinking how to implement something like that since streaming and youtube seem to have only gotten stricter as time goes on. Since it's an afterthought, it's a bit more work to implement it at this point. But I'll try to figure out something.

I think I set it at 10 euros if I remember correctly.

Oh hey, sorry for the late reply! I think you should've gotten my email when you bought the game here. Would you mind contacting me via email? I can't really put out the code out here in the open for everyone to grab.

ah... Unfortunately Germany has banned F&H. The censorship is just more strict there. I believe all Adults Only games are banned there, no matter what the reason for that rating is. If you buy it on itchio, I can give you a Steam key to go with it, maybe that way you can bypass the watchful eye?

Thank you so much!


Oh wow, best of luck to finishing the game. It sounds interesting for sure and based on the screenshot it looks good too! You can get by even if you're not that much into drawing, obviously you realized this too. Just clever use of graphics you can find online can get you far. I can't even imagine the circumstances you're in, but glad you're still able to pull through.

What's the name of the game? Would be interesting to see it once it's done.

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There is no active timer in the game other than hunger eating away your characters slowly. (in most game modes you have plenty of resources to deal with this, including an infinite source of food in some instances)

Game time only advances when you sleep in a bed. This is always a choice the player makes. You can finish the game without sleeping once, although you do miss on things if you do so,,. But no time trials.

I recommend trying out the demo. It gives a pretty good idea on what to expect.

That's my channel yeah. I'm available on Discord.

Looks good. Great job. The only way to have more than 3 layers of graphics is to have events on top of everything. I've used that method numerous times. Or alternatively you can lay 2 tiles on top of each other in Photoshop (or other app) and have special tiles available in the tileset just for those special occasions. (hope this makes sense, hard to describe what I mean)

Pushing boxes can be used to evade some enemies in some areas, so it can be useful.

They are not listed as porn games lol, but they are rated Adults Only and Germany seems to have an issue with that. Drugs and body mutilation alone are enough to warrant that rating, so there's not much I can do about it.

the recent Steam page mentions the year 2022......

Haven't seen that before. Looks really cool! I typically don't really care for circus cliches in horror, but that one seems to have its own take on the theme. One that works too.

The parallel world in Termina plays on the typical Silent Hill nightmare world trope. It's not the most original idea, but I like some lore implications it has in the full version of the game.

I kinda like making games on a smaller level. I'd imagine that making big AAA games equals making a lot of compromises. One person simply can't control all the aspects of the game and thus the vision gets diluted. More people on-board, the more diluted it gets. That's my theory anyways. Can't know for certain until I'd have some experience in how the big people in the industry make games.

oh I'm not hiding my country. I think it's pretty open info that I'm from Finland.

Keep at it. One step at a time and you'll get your game made eventually.

The characters are completely overhauled for the full version of Termina, so better not put too much emphasis on the demo. I don't think any of the game testers would call Doctor overpowered or in imbalance. There are other characters that have an advantage in the full version.

Termina takes place in F&H's equivalent of Czech Republic (the name of the country is even Bohemia which is historic name for that area) There's some russian/slavic text in the game because in the game's story the area was occupied by a country that's comparable to Soviet Union in some ways (and in some ways it's very different) until Bremen Empire got a hold of the area. It's a bit convoluted backstory, but the texts around the city area and on the map are in Czech .

Hi! First on the pep pills, yeah it's intentional. I read on drug use during WW2 and something akin to pep pills were very common. (I believe 'Pep pills' were even a name used for them in some parts of the world) I don't remember why I specifically mimic'd that packaging though.

I don't really understand what you mean by 'misaligned' tilesets? They are formated for RPG Maker MV. There are no autotiles used in the game. (at least what is referred to autotiles in RPG Maker) Every tile is manually placed on the map. I know the tilesets have very confusing layout. I never made them to make sense to anyone but me, so yeah...

not in the demo

Glad you're giving RPG Maker a chance. I think it's perfectly fine engine, depending on what you want to make of course.

Sure you can look at F&H's coding, but it's a severe case of spaghetti coding. I feel sorry for anyone who ever tried to make sense of it. Again, you can do that if you want, but I'd recommend getting familiar with the engine otherwise and creating your game from scratch. Maybe look at F&H's eventing and coding for reference, but otherwise stick to your own project. But ultimately it's your choice.

You can use textures as a base. I don't mind seeing edits and such around in finished projects either, just as long as your game doesn't rely 100% on F&H graphics.

Good luck with your project!

Glad you liked the demo! I was first a bit scared of showing off Termina because it was so different, but people seem to take it pretty well.

The same areas are in the full game too, but a lot of things have been added to them. From small details and new enemies to entirely new rooms and such. There are also alternate paths early on, so if you know how, or stumble upon them by accident, you can skip the demo sections too.

Don't transfer old saves. It will create a myriad of problems if you do so. I have no idea how the game would play with a save from the demo.

There's some of that in play too. I did underestimate how long certain things would take, but I think the biggest reason for such a massive delay is that I've been moving the goal post further. The original planned release would have followed F&H1's example. That game was VERY barebones at release. Only after many updates that game took its somewhat final form. When I decided to delay Termina I figured most people who were waiting for the game have probably only witnessed the first game while it has been more or less a complete package. I think those people would've been disappointed in the barebones version of Termina. Even those who would've understood the situation would've felt a bit disappointed and first impressions last long.

So Termina has been growing under the curtains and it's now a lot more fleshed out experience. Comparable to F&H1 for sure. The game has been in testing for a couple of months now, so it won't be far off.

Sorry for the delays, they do suck, but the game is better for it. Hope the game will deliver once it's finally out.