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Oh thanks a lot for sharing the game! Really. You've been great help man!

And yeaahhhh... I don't really know what to do with Youtube. Of course I'm not in it to make any money with these little trailers of mine, but I'm afraid the game really isn't youtuber-friendly in general. Can't really blame any content creators for not doing let's plays with the game. Nevertheless, I feel like I gotta stay faithful to what I started with the demo :P

haha cool. Hopefully the game can live to the expectations :)

Awesome!! Thanks for the support man! I also saw the reddit post, really awesome! :)

Oh I'm glad you like it!! You are right in that there is no way to save in the current build. I figured that the demo is short enough to justify this decision. But worry not, there will be a way to save in later iterations! :) You got pretty far already in the game. There might still be few places you haven't found. The demo doesn't have  a clear ending, you just cannot continue after certain point. It's pretty clear where it is as the doorway just doesn't take you anywhere.