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Happened to me - in 1.1.1 - when I brilliantly stuck my hand into an arrow slit in one of the entrance levels.

What, gimme a break! I just had to be sure! :P

Anyway, as soon as I pulled back my bloody stump, my whole party had turned their backs on me. Can't say I blame them, but there you have it.

Really no big deal imo, but thought you might like to know.

Can somebody tell me what these icons are? What do they do, and where did I get them? I can't find any information about them online yet.

I've had the above, and I've had this one:  before.

They have only ever appeared on my main characters, only one at a time, on different characters, and they seem to be permanent once they show up. 

Unless I'm just seriously oblivious, they don't seem to have any impact on combat... that I can tell. I haven't found any equipped item or party member that either appears or disappears with, either. 

AND! I can't even remember when or how either one appeared! I want to say the top one miiiiiiiiiiight have appeared around the time I summoned my first demon baby, or possibly when I reached a higher affinity with some god, but there were several things that happened right around that time on this character, so, alas, I can't remember. I just know I suddenly noticed it, and it NEVER went away. I unfortunately just have no recollection of when or how the second one appeared. :(

One thing I'm almost entirely certain of, though, is that they appeared pretty quietly - I definitely don't remember ever seeing a dialog or anything that said "you got XXX!" at any time.

So yeah... anybody know anything about either or both of those icons? 

I may be wrong, but I'm not 100% the ballista guard always spawns. I think it's possible he's not there for you. I think...

The lever has been at the top of the prisons, toward the right end of the level, within another (unlocked, iirc??) room... at least for me so far.

It was suuuuper easy for me to walk right past the door to the interior room it's in, several times, because the doorway is kind of hidden.

Mine was Windows!! (/shame) I still can't believe I did that! I knew better and everything... I was just so excited to get started playing I didn't pay attention.

"In short, if possible don't use blood golem in that fight or if you do, don't open menu until you've been in one fight after that."

Actually, if you happen to use blood golem in that fight, you get the error and get stuck no matter what. As soon as the end fight dialog closes, the error appears rught away. You can't even walk around or anything! At least that's what was happening to us.

I think the ONLY way you can continue the session after blood golem there, at all, is to create the new file. 

Wow, you're on top of things! Thank you so much! Just remember, nobody's gonna die if you take your time with the updates! And now that there's a fix posted for this blocker (hopefully nobody has problems with it!!) that's one less reason to rush! :)

And I'm dead serious, I hope you get filthy rich from this game and that it gets the recognition it deserves. You made an awesome thing. From what I've seen, it started small with a couple youtubers, and it's already blowing up and being talked about more and more. I hope it keeps the momentum!!


I'm VERY happy to help! :D

Mask (or anyone, really), PLEASE let us know if you experience anything weird by trying it. We have actually beat the game with 3 different endings now since doing that, so MY experience is that it's pretty solid. That said, I would hate nothing more than to recommend an action that messes up somebody's game!!

Along the left side, you can only get the skills that come with your character. When you start out in the intro, it tells you "you were born with the soul of the endless" or something like that. Faintly along the outer left edge of the hexen scree  is those names. You can only add the skills that match your god. You should most likely have at least one dot for yours, and you should be able to get the rest without any tasks. You cannot get any of the other skills on the left without special circumstances.

For the skills on the right, the ones that have concentric circles, you can only access those skills when you gain affinity with the related god. The top one is Gro-goroth, the second down is sylvian, and so on. The circles depict how much affinity with the god you need to get the skill. When you have affinity, there is a pale white light around the circles that are available; you can only get the skills within the white light.

I hope that answers your question!

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I lost a HUGE save the same way, before i realized that the stupid directory i stupidly installed the game to was stupid read-only. The game itself gave me no indication what the problem was; it just made the "doonk" cannot do sound when i tried to select a save file. I made the folder writable - but then I ended up just extracting to my desktop to guarantee write ability.

However, alas, the Book had crumbled to dust before I figured it out.

Still, I hope this helps.

The dungeon layouts change between playthroughs, so you're definitely not guaranteed to have the exact same path as somebody else.

What are you trying to do? Where are youbtrying to go? We may be able to help you, since the dungeon configurations are somewhat limited. But your best bet might just be to explore the area yourself (that is part of the fun of this game, at least for me!) and look for the object you need all over the place.

I can give you a tip that may be helpful, though: Certain indentations in the walls are actually doorways, or even closed doors. If you see a place in the walls that is deeper than the walls around, walk into it, and if that doesn't work, press enter on it!

We struggled with the failed to load _1.png error (definitely after summoning blood golem [or greater blood golem in our case] during the tormented fight - awesome catch!) for well over an hour, and couldn't find a fix yet online, but my coder SO figured out how to get past it immediately without having to close out the game or lose any progress at all! 


  • MINIMIZE the game, DO NOT close or quit
  • open your local folder (*gameroot*)/www/img/pictures
  • COPY file actor3_1.rpgmvp from this folder
  • PASTE actor3_1.rpgmvp into this same folder
  • RENAME the pasted file to _1.rpgmvp 
  • return to the GAME screen and click RETRY
  • [prompt should dismiss and you should be right back in the game immediately]
  • go ENTER AND COMPLETE COMBAT with any other mob

You should be able to continue the game normally now.

We tried getting past this by futzing aroung with files and folders, creating .pngs of various content, sizes, and names (like _i or __1 lol), faffing about with different file paths, even trying to frankenstein image file types, but none of that worked! Turns out, afaict, the .png in the error is a red herring!! Eventually we just went spelunking through the code files, and finally my SO backtracked the location of the error function being called here and (yada yada something mostly incomprehensible to me haha), then Retry worked immediately and we got past it!

I know this is a huge long post - sorry!! - but [1] I really really hope this is helpful to the [absolutely AWESOME btw] developer, and [2] we couldn't find a fix for this anywhere, and [3] I know the behavior is a liiiitlle weird immediately after the fix so I want people to know what they're doing (the best I can explain it, anyway) and exactly what we found and experienced in our fix. 

It does all sound a bit scary on the surface imo, but honestly, I do think doing this is perfectly safe; we've played for quite some time since fixing the error and have experienced no ill effects or other weirdness. However, Orange, PLEASE let people/me know if this is a horrible thing to do for any reason!!


We left the game open with the Retry prompt up. Then we minimized and opened file explorer, and went into the (*game root*)/www/img/pictures folder.  We COPIED one of the .RPGMVP files (we happened to choose actor3_1.rpgmvp because it already had _1 in the name), and PASTED it right there into the same /pictures folder.

Then we RENAMED the new pasted file to   _1.rpgmvp   (NOT .png!!).

I'm pretty sure the file you copy must be one of the actor*.rpgmvp files - and definitely not a png haha - because the game needs party member data to cleanly dismiss the blood golem. You cannot simply create a new file with the correct name and filetype for the same reason - it needs the data to clean up the party member properly. It must be a copied actor rpgmvp file, and I personally recommend just using the one I noted** simply because it's a valid party member and has proven to work fine for us already. I don't know which characters are in which files, so it's possible we just got lucky with a compatible existing file.

[**You could totally try using the actual blood golem rpgmvp file, if you know which one it is, BUT that may - possibly maybe potentially who knows I don't - not work if that's where the original bug is... I'm not 100% on that. If you do try the blood golem actor file, and you still can't completely get rid of the Retry prompt for good basically immediately, I'd just go try the actor3_1 file, myself. You should be able to click Retry infinitely until the error is fixed, though, so none of this should be totally catastrophic; just remember to copypaste and then rename, not rename existing files!]

Once you create the new rpgmvp file with actor data, go back to the game window and just hit Retry. You should be able to dismiss the error immediately and get directly back into the game without losing any progress.

--> **PLEASE NOTE** that this fix causes a very brief weirdness! We've tested several times now, always with these results:

We get a "phantom" floating head guy character (Nas'hrah? meanie jerk with the huge taurus, in the gore hallway outside the jails) placed visibly in blood golem's party slot *in the menu only*. He is not visible walking around with us through the world, and he has no available skills or anything. He appears to be only a temporary visual anomaly present in the menu, with no impact on the game. Further, he is only there until the next completed combat.

In the NEXT COMBAT - and it does not matter which mob is aggroed - blood golem is a proper functional member of the party again, in both the fight scene and in the menu. He automatically appears there at the beginning of the fight, however, without summoning. He works properly and fights in this combat.

As soon as we EXIT THAT COMBAT (still the first combat after the error... and there is a mob right outside the tormented room, super conveniently!), the new copypasted file causes the blood golem / floating head party member to get properly CLEANED UP from the party and everything is back to normal and has been normal now for quite some time, through several fights, events, and save games. 

After completing the first combat post tormented fix, we are still able to summon blood golem, he still functions properly as a party member, and he is still dismissed and cleaned up after combat, every time. We have fought several various mobs in several areas after doing this fix, with no problems on blood golem, on any party member, or in any combat. We have also been able to save and load the game just fine, so this change does not appear to corrupt save files or anything like that... thank the old gods!

ORANGE: It *looks like* the cause for this bug is that blood golem does not properly dismiss or clean up from the party, specifically after using [greater?] blood golem in the tormented fight - because it's calling the wrong filetype of png instead of rpgmvp (and an incomplete filename, most likely, too) upon exiting combat. It *looks like* completing one combat after the tormented fight allows the new file to call the missing function (or just filename?) to clean up properly without any negative repercussions, so hopefully you may be able to copypaste the missing data into blood golem's file, or at least look through the actor files for the .png reference... or whatever is missing! 

As I said, things have worked pretty much flawlessly since that change, but I will update or reply asap if we experience any related weirdness in the future!

ALSO ORANGE (side note): I just have to say this in case you read this post - I can't thank you enough, not only for being so helpful and responsive, like all over the internet, but even moreso just for making this unbelievably cool, unique, cruel, insane, hilarious, creepy, disturbing, petty, twisted, unforgiving, rewarding, peerlessly creative, stunningly well-made, scarily addictive, and extremely fun game for all of us!!! I have never played anything quite like it, and I am genuinely by-proxy super proud of your achievement and very happy for you. I sincerely and truly hope you make a million dollars (at least!) on this game! I'm introducing it to everyone I can, so I hope to help make that happen!! :D

We've been playing for over a week now, every chance we get, and literally every single time we play, SO and I both say something like "wow I can't believe how good this is" and then of course "hahaha holy cow, the messed up things this game makes us say!!" ...usually several times each. Seriously, I wish you the utmost success with this game, and I can't wait to see what your warped and corrupted ;) mind comes up with in the future!!!

Yeah, I know I probably sound ridiculously gushy and starry-eyed, but I really do mean it. You've created something genuinely awesome, so thank you!