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umm, am using a Chromebook, can we get an apk build pls, it doesn't have to have aany extra control inputs just gimmi gibbus apk



Sorry, I didn't see this comment when it was first made. Unfortunately, I am not intending to target Android with this game. Very early in development, I did an APK export, and it didn't run - there would be more work involved than just hitting the export button, and that's not something I can justify spending time on.

All that said, I have read about Google making it easier to run a proper Linux environment on Chromebooks. I have no first hand experience, but you may (or may not) have success with that approach.


Ah yess finally, lol. I'm happy you replied. Oh, I didn't realize it will be troublesome to export properly to Android.

Yah I installed the Linux environment thing and was able to install a clock application for Linux .... But the thing is I completely ran out of space. My chromebook's model is quite old so the manufacturers only gave it only 10gb of internal space. I scratched the idea of using it to install more software or games, I uninstall the Linux setup environment too.

Nothing you can do about that tho, not your problem,.. just letting ya know.