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glad you enjoyed it :-)

Right!, thanks for the feedback. 😊

Sooo glad you tried it 🙏. 

32? 😅, don't like to brag but.. 217.

The Chameleon run looks quite similar in the game mechanics, yes.

Ok thanks much for the feedback

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thank you very much for your feedback

thanks man

yahh I got that, thank you very much for playing and giving your thoughts.

BTW, I have 217 has a high score 😏

Ah yess finally, lol. I'm happy you replied. Oh, I didn't realize it will be troublesome to export properly to Android.

Yah I installed the Linux environment thing and was able to install a clock application for Linux .... But the thing is I completely ran out of space. My chromebook's model is quite old so the manufacturers only gave it only 10gb of internal space. I scratched the idea of using it to install more software or games, I uninstall the Linux setup environment too.

Nothing you can do about that tho, not your problem,.. just letting ya know.


thank you very much


Thank you for your comment.

I will be sure to give your game a try and send feedback.


Cool and well polished game. The apk works well too.

*DTMP releases on windows.


Tried this after seeing your post on facebook.

After I installed it, I click the game, it shows the logo splash screen then goes to a black screen and after a few more seconds it writes CoolBattles has stopped responding. Could this be a problem with the current uploaded  v0.02.01


i can't get passed that fricking bird 😅.  Great game.

hello o-lobster, if you are still there .. thanks <3

I wonder what this means:

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

Finally, an ide for löve.

Löve this.

oopor, when I will start 😂

After 7 days of struggling to make a game submission for the jam, and after patiently waiting for results, do you know how disappointing it to find out that i did not get any rating or feedback on my game submission.

Whats worse is that i haven't been given an explanation as to why. Maliyo WHY... WHYYYYYY!. 

This is just sad, frustrating, disappointing and discouraging


still a black screen 

this is was too enjoyable i see why you reached 10th, also like the 2 player option, will play with my brother

mmmm really addictive, would be nice on mobile.

Bug report: if you win the level with 1 health, the lose and win messages display

Also i got to arround level 8 and the game stopped receiving mouse input, i had to refresh and lose my progress 

umm, am using a Chromebook, can we get an apk build pls, it doesn't have to have aany extra control inputs just gimmi gibbus apk