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Story sucks. Capitalist propaganda.

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This reviewer thought otherwise, and the game itself has never been intended to be propaganda.

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lol, review is sarcasm, bro. blog have sarcastic stories about how foreigners create works about Russians.
sorry. article in russian


I'm aware of the cranberry stereotypes, and I knew that the review was humorous and made jokes about the game, but if you read to the end the author did say that he liked the game and that he though it was better in depicting the war than several other games and movies.

And I admit the game have exaggerations for the sake of comedy, but it was never meant to have an anti-communist message, and the entire story revolves around the commissar overcoming his flaws and doing a heroic sacrifice and making the player sympathize with him in the end.


Thanks for the commendation! Now I'll try it :)


And I’m glad I did. That was an awesome gamelet! Good to see Ivan and Olga make a return too