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This game is awesome!! I like it a lot!! Also, I invited my friends and we laught a lot!!

I want to recommend you some thing to improve your game, that maybe you have planned to add, but I want to be sure you have these things in your mind.

The first one is maybe adding some maps you can choose, like a volcano map or something, in which you have to fight in a bridge over the volcano. That would be cool :D.

The second one is adding a menu in where you can choose who are you going to fight, how many people are you fighting, the armor level of them, the weapons you have and your life.

One weapon you could add, if you want, is a boom. Lol

And finally, set blood or not. I think this option could be good, for example, if you want to share it with your family, for making them not to be in a distasteful environment, because the game is very funny.

You have done a really good game, and I think that your ideas and the community can make it better.

Good job! :D

I definitely have plans for most of those things!

are you planning to make a Version for those who dont have a vive or something like this?

How would you play the game without roomscale VR?

scripted movments of the Player like punching? i dont know if you could make this but it would be super nice!

No it would be super stupid, either buy a Vive or stop looking at Vive games.

i ''looked'' at it because a youtuber letsplayed it and i tried to remove the vr plugin.

What good news! I am anxious!! :D