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Second xD

Look for the game on steam and buy it

I have heard people that owns the Oculus Touch saying that worked fine on their devices. Also, raithza, the author of the game, said that he just owned the Vive, so he could not officially say that it's compatible with Oculus, but also said that people that owns the Oculus don't have problems playing this game.

I hope this can help you! :3

It wouldn't be so bad xDD

Nice game!! :D

Lol seems to be a good idea

Hope you release the game soon!! It's a fantastic game! Any idea of the release date? :3

In my game, I can't enter the elevator

I have the same problem

I really love this game



Ok, I know now what it was. It was my graphics card. I've changed now and it Works, sorry for problems.

I've tried but it doesn't work. I don't know if it's me or the game. I don't know.

Ok, nevermind. I have actually known how it works.

I can't fly, I don't know why. I've tried everything, but I can't still fly.

Hello! Nice game Shadowbrain!! I like it a lot, but how can you play multiplayer? Thanks.

The first issue is due you pressed the menu button (the one upper the big circle).

What good news! I am anxious!! :D

This game is awesome!! I like it a lot!! Also, I invited my friends and we laught a lot!!

I want to recommend you some thing to improve your game, that maybe you have planned to add, but I want to be sure you have these things in your mind.

The first one is maybe adding some maps you can choose, like a volcano map or something, in which you have to fight in a bridge over the volcano. That would be cool :D.

The second one is adding a menu in where you can choose who are you going to fight, how many people are you fighting, the armor level of them, the weapons you have and your life.

One weapon you could add, if you want, is a boom. Lol

And finally, set blood or not. I think this option could be good, for example, if you want to share it with your family, for making them not to be in a distasteful environment, because the game is very funny.

You have done a really good game, and I think that your ideas and the community can make it better.

Good job! :D