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Do followers actualyl get notifications if I put up new pictures, cause that'd be super ,lame

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I feel like it's helping me really get away with a lot.


you need to open steam and start steamvr

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I've given away more than 500 keys for the game already. I do actually need to charge money for it at some point, if I would like to be able to continue working on it.

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Great game & awesome theme

Replied to LH4 in GORN comments

It's broken, unfinished, ugly, obtuse and confusing and the game is worse with the shop in it than without.

I always upload my builds without running them on my PC, so it should be fine, but I can't guarantee it. If there is one, either no-one has scanned it or noone has reported it.


Hey, I wouldn't mind doing this but I don't really have time to capture proper game footage at the moment. You can email me if you want to set this up: ruanrothmann at gmail

yes to get the full version I need to sit in a chair and stare at a computer while typing and drinking coffee for a few months and then hopefully there will be a full version. If you want a key to the broken in development beta version, you can try the discord.

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is it breaking anything?

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fix what?

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Yes, the reason is because i am lazy

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Thanks for the support, dev is going as fast as I can though!

it clearly says in the description that there are no more keys but that this demo has been updated, sorry!

Geez, thanks for being the first to report this after 3 weeks!! I'll have a look when I'm back home next week.

Fighting before saluting is very dishonorable. You have just revealed a lot about your character.

Replied to Game City in GORN comments

That's great! The build you are using is also quite a bit older than the current build, you might want to redownload for better physics/graphics/combat/everything :)

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Yep, there are style points in the game now!

no release date yet but hopefully the game will be on early access on Steam in february!

there are loads of non vr swordfighting games on pc, have you tried chivalry or die by the sword?

#hardwork #dedication

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I've changed it so you can only grab then when they're stunned. Seems to be fine - no more easy outs just grabbing the nearest dude!


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You can press the trackpad buttons to skip dialogue.

yes, next version should have that.

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The two games are almost identical, really.

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There are LOTS of games where you fight with a sword and mouse non-VR! Have you tried Die By The Sword or Chivalry? There are also VR arcades popping up all over the place, if there's one nearby you can ask them to install gorn :)

There isn't, this is only a demo. I wasn't expecting people to play through it more than once!

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Hey, thanks for all the kind words. Many of those suggestions are either planned or already in the works to some capacity. Hopefully I will have a Early Access version on Steam sometime early next year. And I'd love to see the video of your little brother playing!

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Hopefully in January, we'll see!

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All those things will be in place when the game launches on early access, this is only a basic tech demo for the game! Glad you like it though!

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hey, thanks for the great feedback!

Yeah, when I demo the game to people I tell them that grabbing = cheating. I really need to still figure that out! And the Steam version of the game will have a much different progression than the "random fights" setup there is now.

There will also be a "reduced violence" option in the final version of the game.

I think that depends on whether I hear from occulus at all :)

Have you ever networked Unity physics?


Thanks for playing and I'm glad you and your fans enjoy the videos, I think I've watched them all as well! Feel free to suggest away. This reddit thread is a pretty good place: https://www.reddit.com/r/gorn/comments/5e2x7k/stat...

I've had a few requests for nunchucks which is strang cause i feel the morning star already fulfills that role but maybe I can find a way to make them feel significantly different.

Early access hopefully in January!

Replied to Aldron in GORN comments

Very unlikely :(