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Looks superb! Will a Linux version be available ?

Hello hgames! Thank you!
We are going to add on the Mac OS version within a month.
Unfortunately we do not have any plans for a Linux version at the moment.

Doh :-( Would you mind giving a try with the wine emulator ? It makes a lot of games run flawlessly on Linux! I can give it a try if you have a demo/alpha build available.


Sure! We are going to release a Demo within a month! Thank you :)

Nice, I'll give it a try on Linux then :-) and I'll make sure to report back :-)

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I just completed the demo using Wine. The only issues I found was that trying to use Alt-Tab made me unable to click on anything after and had to kill the process to exit the game and sometimes certain screens only rendered a black screen with a pointer. When this happens just press "enter". Other than that demo ran fine. I enjoyed it.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X | 16GB DDR4-3000 CL15 | MSI RX 580 8GB Gaming X | Mesa 18.3.3 | Manjaro Mate | Kernel 4.20.11-1-MANJARO

Hello PublicLewdness, thanks for the tests, we should also try it to see what we can do!