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Dandelion and amnesia are the first two that come to memory for me as well, being such huge titles at their times, i would definitely say ive played most english otomes that are out there at present so ill quickly go through my archive and come back to this comment as i feel wizard and ukyo were very similar characters.

Most recently i played through Dead Wishes by violet and it definitely deserves a mention on this topic as found it truly stunning in its method of creating a whole cast of insidious/villainous characters that still come across as human and even in some cases endearing, i think it really shows the effort they went to to ensure that the characters were well rounded despite deep and horrifying flaws.

Soulset & Second chance were also really good in their approach to the amnesia trope in which the true routes were those in which mc was involved with the villain characters forcing the reader to reconsider their actions at the very end under the light of not being the morally ambiguous character they may have seen themselves as.

Dot Kareshi bride of darkness was really lighthearted and fun, and kinda funny in that even amongst a full cast of villains there was a villain route in that one too, my favourite was probably demon king in that one though as opposed to the 'villain route' so i guess its kind-of the exception to the rule?

Also id like to mention Collarxmalice though not playable the villian was really well crafted and inserted into the plot so well that it was hard to notice them, ofc his henchmans route would have definitely qualified as a villain route and i really did enjoy his character, equally clever and broken and even upon facing betrayal its hard not to emphasise with him.

All that being said, i was the kid that liked the bad guys in the kids shows more than the good guys so its not suprising i still feel that way especially with more immersive entertainment such as vns.

My pc crashed halfway through this response and i nearly broke down OTL thankfully i was able to restore it and pick back up where i left off, i know theres probably a lot of excellent games im forgetting but those above are the ones that really stand out in my memory.

Ooooh! Thank you for the list of recommendations! OuO
It's been a while since I last read a visual novel so I will definitely pick them out when I have the time!

If I'm not wrong, that dot Kareshi have many series, right? o.o I think I've played number 1 and 2 so this might be the third? I agree that they're hilarious though x'D I even use one of their scenes as a humor reference *you might recognize it later*

And yes! Me too! Sometimes, I like the bad guys more and I always hoped they'll have their happy endings u.u Like Sephiroth and Naraku for example... When I'm like that, I usually look for their fanfic, usually in the completed section with more than 20 chapters to occupy me and satisfy my wish x'D

Aaaah! I know that horror too well! I sometimes forgot to charge my laptop when I work so when it suddenly turned off, I was like, ready to shriek like a banshee :'D we really need to take care of our precious PC-slash-laptop!