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Ooooh! Thank you for the list of recommendations! OuO
It's been a while since I last read a visual novel so I will definitely pick them out when I have the time!

If I'm not wrong, that dot Kareshi have many series, right? o.o I think I've played number 1 and 2 so this might be the third? I agree that they're hilarious though x'D I even use one of their scenes as a humor reference *you might recognize it later*

And yes! Me too! Sometimes, I like the bad guys more and I always hoped they'll have their happy endings u.u Like Sephiroth and Naraku for example... When I'm like that, I usually look for their fanfic, usually in the completed section with more than 20 chapters to occupy me and satisfy my wish x'D

Aaaah! I know that horror too well! I sometimes forgot to charge my laptop when I work so when it suddenly turned off, I was like, ready to shriek like a banshee :'D we really need to take care of our precious PC-slash-laptop!