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Just finished the demo. I like the mom a lot more than I thought I would, and I absolutely love both Leopold and the loveless marriage path. Leopold because the relationship feels almost as genuine as the one the MC has with Frederique, and the loveless path because it feels realistic. Also, this may be my Frederique bias talking, but were there not a lot of romantic undertones when he meets up with the MC again, especially if she admits she regrets the marriage? Guillame blushing when he finds them and the way that path ends just adds fuel to my shipping fire. Is this another way to end up with him, or is it all going towards another platonic run away ending with him? But it certainly feels more...passionate for lack of a better word, than when they meet up in the single path. Though I can understand why Frederique feels more desperate after she marries.

Either way, really looking forward to Frederique's path. Sorry to put more pressure on you when it comes to that path, but hey, it's your fault for making their relationship feel the most sincere out the original game :p

Also, will we get to meet dad and other brother in this game? With sprites? I'm curious to see if Francoise looks more like Frederique or the MC.


Thank you for the feedback - I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the Leopold and Loveless routes.

Hmm, as  for the loveless path, well, Frederique feels what he has always felt, but with both their situations being as they are, I think things are  more emotionally heightened. He's been away for two years imagining the worst, whereas in the single route things have just been 'business as usual' for the pair. But, as I plan things at the moment, you won't be able to romance Frederique in the loveless route.

Well, Frederique's demo path is written, as is Bastien's. I am just finishing off Charlotte's route and then I can post the full demo, so you do not have long to wait now. Maybe another day or two.

I'm not sure if players will ever get to meet Francoise and Duke Claude - it will depend on how the routes progress as I am writing them, but if they do appear, they will have sprites. ^_^

Thanks for playing