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Oh, I am so looking forward to dumping Raelan for Virion then!

Thanks for the answer. I'll pop in patreon when I get my Christmas bonus and partake in the NSFW goodness for that month.

I notice you can have Virion father the child even when you're not on his route. Does this open up the chance to dump the previous LI and pursue Virion instead? Especially if the previous LI was Raelan, and one terminated the relationship before the ending of the first game anyways? Also, if one does choose to stick with the original LI, will they mention the parentage at all?

How do I get the NSFW version? I reach day 4 and Poet and the protag just sleep together, but the next day they say "last night was amazing", so I assume something was meant to happen on day 4. Did I miss something?

Just finished the demo. I like the mom a lot more than I thought I would, and I absolutely love both Leopold and the loveless marriage path. Leopold because the relationship feels almost as genuine as the one the MC has with Frederique, and the loveless path because it feels realistic. Also, this may be my Frederique bias talking, but were there not a lot of romantic undertones when he meets up with the MC again, especially if she admits she regrets the marriage? Guillame blushing when he finds them and the way that path ends just adds fuel to my shipping fire. Is this another way to end up with him, or is it all going towards another platonic run away ending with him? But it certainly feels more...passionate for lack of a better word, than when they meet up in the single path. Though I can understand why Frederique feels more desperate after she marries.

Either way, really looking forward to Frederique's path. Sorry to put more pressure on you when it comes to that path, but hey, it's your fault for making their relationship feel the most sincere out the original game :p

Also, will we get to meet dad and other brother in this game? With sprites? I'm curious to see if Francoise looks more like Frederique or the MC.

Thank you! I had just assumed that the whole thing was a lost cause from the beginning, so I never really bothered to cover up the MC's intelligence. But it was pretty fun to have the king pick her for a change, then have him be rejected; Leopold and the regular 'run away with Frederique' endings were particularly fun (What do you mean she's run off with her brother? along with Guillame's face as he hears that made me laugh). I can also see how we can get the loveless marriage path in the sequel thanks to this but more on that in another post. Thanks a lot!

Wait, I just started the demo, and you can actually get the King to select you as the future queen in the original? How? I never figured that out and I thought I got all the CGs and endings. Is it possible you can give a small guide on that?

*Sees pic with Leopold* Oh my god, I love this already. This is why I wish more games would get sequels/fandisks, because this is the kind of interesting stuff I want to see, but that the original games only hint at (also, I actually want to play a game where you have a relationship, rather than one that ends when you get one, aka most games). So glad you decided to go through with the sequel. SO glad!

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All at once is better than getting it by piecemeal. Then we don't have to check in and download all the time. Also King Auguste, eeek. Is that what we have to look forward to once Guillaume grows older? And is Guillaume forced to have almost the exact same hairstyle as his father because the tyrant is a narcissistic?

I am very excited for this game. I will have to wait a little while for my finances to allow me to get it, but I will definitely get it.

I do hope we get another mention of Aki. I know he is not a romance option, but since Chiyo managed to get away, I'd like to get a line later about his death.

I can see the concern, but I don't think it will be something you have to worry about; for one, like seduce me 2, you have a common plot already, so you can avoid the baby and marriage thing altogether and just imply it at the end like that game did.

For second, I don't think continuations to the story are that maligned; fandisks to popular games were a huge deal in Japan a couple of  years ago, though only Code Realize and its fandisks made its way west. From what I've seen, the first one was well received. And even a few indie games have done it; always remember me had one in never forget me that dealt with all the gritty parts of marriage and I for one enjoyed it much more than the first game.

Overall, if you have the inspiration to do it, I feel it's a worthwhile experiment. If nothing, you'll be able to gauge how the market reacts and be better prepared if you ever have another game you want to make a sequel to. Or if you ever want to make a game with a different story structure that has the character marry midway or at the start of the game; another concept that I seldom see in VNs.

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Yes, yes, yes! I need to see what happens after Frederique's and Leopold's routes. I really liked the game, but it cut off at the most interesting points; we don't get to see the incestual relationship blossom, we don't get to see Leopold's rebellion, and we don't get to see if the Prince's anger outbursts continue after marriage (I know he had his reasons and all, but like Frederique said after we cause the argument during the concert, everyone showed their true colours, including the Prince. I can't wait to see his true colours during a darn rebellion of all things).

Most media, and especially VNs, do this, so don't feel bad; I truly did like the game. It's why all fairy tales end with "they lived happily ever after". But I saw this concept work wonderfully with another indie otome game, Seduce Me, and the sequel is truly a thing to behold after the more banal, but enjoyable, first game. I'd love to see it again here.

Keeping the romances allows two things: actually develop them (since in all VNs, by necessity, what we actually see if the path up to the relationship, and seldom the relationship itself. It almost always ends after the characters hooking up), and focusing more on the plot without thinking "how am I going to make the characters fall in love with this". Now it's easier to fit the romantic moments without having to contrive scenes to make them interact, since they are already living together. It's why Frederique's scenes felt more natural and less something I had to pursue, since you know, they're siblings, so he naturally seeked her out. I didn't have to magically know to go to the music room or the gallery. That leaves more room for the plot itself while not sacrificing on everything else.

Plus, I really, really want to see the mom. She played such a huge role in the first game, but only in spirit; I want to see her confront Frederique and Bastien especially. The scandal!