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Ah, I see… That's kinda a shame. I was hoping to see non-humanoid fetish scenes, among others implied in Mable's story, with my character. But not everyone wants that, oh well. What's here is good.

I'd like to mention that parts of the maps confuse me… There's (slightly) darker, non-grid areas of the map, and areas of the map that are transparent (Might be thinking of Mable's story, still waking up)… Is there any significance to them being seperate tiles?

Are labyrinths coming back? The labyrinths were facinating in Mable's story, though the last room was brutal if you weren't properly equiped. Randomly selected maps are pretty cool. Specifically randomly selected, as procedurally generated maps tend to actually be a lot of work and math to work properly, where as loading a full map when transitioning just needs the map to exist and then be selected via variable.

Rainy Skies actually has a good chance for non-humanoid fetish scenes if it gets developed. The non-grid areas just show the background. Just a design/aesthetics thing. I do very much like the labyrinths idea and am actually using it for another game. Undecided whether it would make a reappearance here though.