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New chromebooks can run the linux version of the game (the old ones can run the linux version too, but it's a lot more complex). In any case, an official chromebook port is low on our list and certainly wont be soon if it happens (I'm kind of hoping the linux version ends up working on most/all chromebooks).

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thnx (now I gotta use developer mode)

Could you give specific instructions how to open the linux file when I go into the folder and click "aground" it says unable to open and there is no app to open this type of file I have enabled developer mode now what? Do you need my model?

I honestly haven't gotten Aground running on a chromebook yet, but try following this guide: . If your model supports the new chromebook os, it should work.

idk I've tried everything I couldn't unzip the file I tried unziping it in the linux thing but it said unfound I finnaly tried "install ./" and it said file unsupported I tried moving all the game files to a different folder and installing that but NOTHING works wth more do I  have to do.

You don't have to install ./, just run ./, but that works in linux, I'm not sure about chromebooks, and I don't have a chromebook to try it on. The latest chromebook OS does say it supports linux apps, but I don't really know much more than that...