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idk I've tried everything I couldn't unzip the file I tried unziping it in the linux thing but it said unfound I finnaly tried "install ./" and it said file unsupported I tried moving all the game files to a different folder and installing that but NOTHING works wth more do I  have to do.

Could you give specific instructions how to open the linux file when I go into the folder and click "aground" it says unable to open and there is no app to open this type of file I have enabled developer mode now what? Do you need my model?

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thnx (now I gotta use developer mode)

uh Can you possibly make a version for chromebook because (called it) my windows broke and I Really want to try the space update

if you buy the early access you get the full version free when it comes out.

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thnx it's working now I was scared because I kinda have a history for my computers breaking lol.

It still won't sync

It still won't sync I think it might be my computer or I messed something up is there anyway to tell what's wrong?

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when I try to click the aground Icon I have on my task bar it says "null object" but if I go into the aground folder and click the one that say aground it works fine.   and thank you for fixing the issues,  this one isn't that important though.  For some odd reason one of my saves won't sync (the first one I made) the rest will though.

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hey uh when I click on Aground.exe it says null object reference but if I go into the files and click aground it runs.

also, I can't put the power cores in the space ship and when I try to fly it says "this the end of the science path for this update" and I can't sinc

can you help me? I'm using a Windows Dell.

I found a glitch when taking a boat through the portal (in the ocean) and I accidently jumped out at the last second I could not find the boat anywhere I had to quit and come back to my last save.

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when do the updates come out each month and how do I access them?