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Very challenging platformer, especially the boss at the end.

Maybe add a timer in the corner (if anyone decided to try and speedrun this)?

Oh trust me, people have and will try to speedrun this

The current WR is at 1:46.96. I tried to design this game so it is fun to speedrun, and the people who have tried speedrunning have considered it to be fun.

Thank you for informing me of Piehats WR Akliant

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whos akilant? never heard of him

Akilant? I never mentioned an Akilant, only an Akliant

Thanks for playing the game!

About adding a timer in the corner, good idea, since pico8 lets me use the direction arrows, C and X, and as X is currently unmapped, I could make it toggle/untoggle a timer at the corner. (there's already a timer at the end so it isn't a really big deal, and people have already started speedrunning it)