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You can play it here!

Dungeon of Numenas 2 is a game developed using PICO-8, a fantasy console designed to develop tiny games, with harsh limitations to force developers to be creative and make use of every resource they have available, with a 128x128 screen that can only display 16 colors, and similar code, sound and map limitations.

This game is a short, linear platformer where you are trying to find your nemesis, Numenas, inside his own castle, but along the way there are several platforming challenges, enemies, bosses and set pieces, as well as responsive physics and controls.


  • A short, 10 minute experience filled with new challenges.
  • A responsive platformer engine, with variable jump height, coyote time, buffering, tight turning, etc...
  • 2 bosses and 2 mini-bosses.
  • 2 unlockable abilities.
  • 6 unique types of enemies.
  • P-speed mechanics.
  • 4 different songs in the soundtrack.

If you hold a direction and dash you will dash in that direction, so you can dash upwards and also diagonally. For the first jump you struggled on you should jump and dash diagonally up-left, and after that just dash upwards.


The idea of the music evolving as you got more powerups came from my lack of experience making music, so I made simple music loops, but that felt too repetitive, so I made it so different parts of the music get added as you get powerups, which both made the music feel less repetitive and gave a better sense of progression.

Thanks for playing the game!

About adding a timer in the corner, good idea, since pico8 lets me use the direction arrows, C and X, and as X is currently unmapped, I could make it toggle/untoggle a timer at the corner. (there's already a timer at the end so it isn't a really big deal, and people have already started speedrunning it)

The current WR is at 1:46.96. I tried to design this game so it is fun to speedrun, and the people who have tried speedrunning have considered it to be fun.