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This looks like something worth speedrunning. I'm setting up a leaderboard for it on I'll reply once its accepted.

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So if you haven't seen the leaderboard in a while. I'd recommend checking it out. 2 people have been going head to head on it and they have god times. Now I'll stop being a pain and posting comments to you lol

thanks, you can check out my channel for runs here It also got submitted, you can see it here

Played it and its tons of fun. Seeing if i can make a leaderboard for this on, I can see this being crazy fast.

I speedran this game a couple times and I love it. It's so interesting to use different method to find where you are. From simply the particles that follow you to having very good eye sight to notice yourself in the rain. Gj on making such a unique game <3.

Is there anyway to reset progress? I've tried to relaunch the game but it doesn't seem to stay saved. Maybe implement a 'new game' and 'continue game' in the main title? Or even just a reset button in the menu would do.