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Speedrun Contest Rules & Submissions Thread Sticky

A topic by Eniko created 5 days ago Views: 545 Replies: 14
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With the updated demo starts the Lore Finder speedrun contest! The top three winners will be immortalized in the full release of the game through a gold, silver, and bronze trophy bearing their names and run times. Additionally, anyone who submits a video of their run will be added to the game's credits under a special speedrunning section!

If you want to be listed with a different name than your itch username, please let us know in your submission post.

The contest will run through Sunday, December 23. The official end time is December 24 at 3 am Eastern Time.

Timezones got you confused? See a countdown until the end of the contest.


Share runs, tips, strategies, glitches, and link speedrun streams in the #lore-finder channel of our Discord. There are several speedrunners in the Discord channel already and they're more than happy to answer questions or teach you things.


  • You can submit runs multiple times, assuming your latest submission has a better time than your previous
  • For runs to be counted as submissions in the contest they must be submitted in this thread before the contest ends. If you get a better time before the contest ends but post it after the contest ended, it will not be counted
  • All runs are in the any% category and glitches are allowed
  • Runs are valid whether using the web version or the downloadable version
  • All runs must be completed using the game's built-in speedrun mode, regular mode runs will not be accepted
  • Times will be judged using the speedrun mode's in game timer
  • The run starts upon entering the game (when the in game timer starts), and ends upon dealing the final blow to Algarott (at which point the in game timer ends)
  • All submissions must include a video link to your run that will remain available throughout the month of January 2019.
  • Videos can be hosted on Twitch, YouTube, or any other reasonably accessible video sharing platform. If you're unsure if your platform is reasonably accessible, it probably isn't
  • We reserve the right to deny game-breaking glitches that are clearly a result of a bug which should be fixed, so that we can fix bugs for members of our community who are not speedrunners
  • No tool-assisted-speedruns allowed


  1. 03:06.94 - Metako
  2. 03:09.75 - Garbeggs
  3. 03:10.13 - DonQuikonga (firebreathpanda)
  4. 03:29.80 - EternalFireseal
  5. 03:47.82 - Sammy2306
  6. 03:55.90 - Yoshimon1

First attempt that was kinda okay, movement went bad but was pretty lucky at the bosses. :D Will try to do better!
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My second attempt at this game, and my second attempt at speedrunning in general. I'm hoping to still get a lot lower, but it was fun!

First good try with librarian one-cycle. I lost lots of time in the middle and to Algarott, though.

Everything bad after miniboss :)

Bad Aggy.
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Updating my time.

Not trying to spam, but I’m really satisfied with this one.


No worries, submit as many times as you like (assuming your latest is the lowest)


^(0 . 0)>

My itchio account has a different username than I usually go by elsewhere. DonQuikonga is my usual name. I submit this as DonQuikonga.



Not satisfied with this but improvement nontheless.