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Enjoyed the atmosphere, characters and some jokes. A bit slow-paced for me though, also after feeding the cat and talking to convenience market girl again I couldn't get out - probably a bug...

Oh no! Another person reported running into a similar bug, under the same circumstances, hope to address it soon, thanks for letting me know! (if you feel up to it and can more precisely describe the exact circumstances, feel free to shoot me an email with a rough repro @

Thanks for playing still! :D


Didn't try to repeat the issue again. But in case it helps: I did talk to pretty much everyone around, several times, until they left, except the guy in shrine, but including the leg-hair guy interaction with the gang around the market... It was a second phase of day (afternoon?) And I also talked to the vendor lady many many times. She was saying her boss was coming, but I didn't see the boss, and couldn't leave either.

Thanks a lot! That's probably enough for us to reproduce the issue ^^