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Definitely not - can you give me an example so I can see if I can reproduce it?

Also, are you using Mirror when you play? I've noticed some oddities when using Mirror - things on the device happen quicker than they are communicated to Mirror and things can get out of sync. There was a bug with the original release where the indicator would fail to report its coordinates correctly, but only when hooked up to Mirror.

I'm not sure what Mirror is?

Ah, then its not a mirror issue then! Mirror is an app that lets you "mirror" the display of your Playdate to your computer.

It seems like it happens after the second step of a multiple automatic thing, like,
1. I make a move
2. some pieces clear
3. more pieces appear
4. those pieces clear
5. now I can move the cursor and move pieces
6. the pieces that should have appeared after step 4, appear, but I'm already moving around and changing things

I'm trying to avoid doing this for now because I'm in the middle of a nice run, but if I wind up game-overing I'll start a run just for fun and see if I can get video or something

Thanks for the steps! I'll see if I can reproduce and fix it.

I do want to clarify -- I'm not certain I have those steps right, that's just how it seems to happen.  I'll check back in if I have something that reproduces it for sure.

I'm pretty sure I found what was causing it, as well as the other issue you mentioned. I'm working on a 1.2.0 update that will include fixes for that along with a bunch of other improvements. Thanks again for reporting both of them.